Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS) - An Imperative for Asia

This webinar is focused purely on CCUS, a high growth, high potential and scaleable industry which has yet to make inroads within the South East Asia region.

Yet, there is an urgent need to make rapid progress given the need for economies in the region to decarbonise and make good on their individual commitments to the Paris Agreement.

With a backdrop of rapid industrial development and increasing per-capita energy usage in the region, an energy transition alone will not reduce GHG emissions to the 'net zero' levels required; countries in South East Asia need to remove CO2 from their fuel combustion and industrial processes and CCUS is the solution.

What you will learn:

The event will focus on three key areas required to kickstart CCUS development in South East Asia:

  1. Technology,
  2. Cost,
  3. Regulatory framework

The event will showcase comparable projects and the rapid development progress around the globe, including major integrated project examples from the UK, retro-fit solutions, and an examination of the incentive structures in place in US and Europe.

Suggestions for potential projects and business opportunities in the South East Asia region will be tabled, along with a commentary on how investors and financiers can support the development of CCUS projects here. The moral imperative and policy responses required to kickstart CCUS projects in South East Asia will be actively debated.

Who should attend: 

  • Policy makers,
  • Energy and Utilities industry practitioners,
  • Engineering disciplines,
  • Manufacturing and Processing sector,
  • Legal and Finance sector,
  • Sophisticated Investors,
  • Environmental experts,
  • Industrial innovators.


  • Ben Arnott -Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources, Reserve Based Finance of Societe Generale
  • Allan Baker - Managing Director, Global Head of Power Advisory and Project Finance at Société Générale
  • DR Nick Cooper - Chief Executive Officer at Storegga Geotechnologies
  • Alexander Tait - Appraisal Engineer- Global Concept Development at BP
  • Jinmiao Xu - Energy Specialist, Energy Sector Group, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department at Asian Development Bank

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