Flow of Goods: Belgium, your UK-EU Gateway for Trade and Investment Series

Join BritCham EU & Belgium in the first event of their free UK-EU Gateway for Trade and Investment series.

As businesses come to terms with the new trading relationship between the UK and EU, BritCham have developed a free series of webinars designed to support small-medium sized British businesses in expanding into Belgium and the EU’s Single Market. Together with industry representatives, government experts, and Belgian businesses, this series will address the practicalities of the flow of goods, the flow of people and of developing a corporate presence in Belgium.

Webinar One: The Flow of Goods

16:00: Our keynote will highlight the longstanding UK-Belgium trading relationship and outline why Belgium is well-suited to be your gateway for trade and investment. We will introduce Belgium’s three trade and investment agencies; hub Brussels, Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) and Agence wallonne à l’Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers (AWEX), who are kindly sponsoring this series.

17:00: In three breakout room sessions, we will explain the practical procedures of doing business in Belgium, including:

  • VAT: A tax partner will guide you on registering for VAT in Belgium and explain the VAT procedures between the UK and EU.
  • Logistics: Representatives from Belgium’s seaports, airfreight and distribution hubs will outline their role in efficiently reaching Belgian and European consumers.
  • Customs: A senior customs advisor will provide you with an overview of the Belgian Customs System.

17:30: All sessions will be followed by an interactive Q&A session, where you can directly ask questions to experts and the three regional trade and investment agencies.

Who should attend?

Are you a small-medium sized British business getting to grips with the new trading relationship between the UK and EU? Are you trying to reach the European consumer market? If so, register now to gain practical insights and advice from experts in the fields of VAT, logistics and customs.

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