The Five Anchors of Modern Selling

Join Sheffield Chamber and The Sales Mindset Coach for The 5 Anchors of Modern Selling webinar, and make sure that your sales approach has your customer at the centre of all your sales activities.

Nobody can ignore the continued changes in the B2B selling and buying environment.

Buying behaviours rarely differentiate now from B2C and B2B with buyers continuing to change and take ownership of the way that they purchase solutions to their problems.

Just think of how your own buying behaviour has changed... why then do you think your customers might not have?

What worked 10, 7, 5 or even 3 years ago is not going to get you anywhere today. Traditional sales methods and techniques alone simply don’t cut it with the informed modern buyer.

To succeed today you have to blend the best of traditional and modern sales approaches and techniques with a total expectance that modern selling has evolved to a blend of sales and marketing skill sets.

To avoid the same fate as the dinosaurs sales organisation, join us for The 5 Anchors of Modern Selling webinar and make sure that your sales approach has your customer at the centre of all your sales activities.

  • Help your customers teach themselves.
  • Modern selling is about giving insights, not just information.
  • Sales and Marketing must listen better and respond with value.
  • Your customers buy from you and not from the company, so modern selling has to be personalised. 

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