The Next Normal - Futureproofing the workforce for a post-pandemic world

The British Chambers of Commerce, as part of our People Campaign, has recently published two reports looking at the future of the workforce. Each report’s recommendations will be presented and discussed at this Global Business Webinar.

Date & Time: 10.30am - 11.30am, on 12th May 2021
Venue: Online Event

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The Workplace Training and Development Commission’s report, published in partnership with Indeed, considers the question of ‘how can we achieve a world-class system for retraining and upskilling our workforce to take advantage of rapid changes in technology, working practices, and industrial and consumer trends?’. The Commission’s range of recommendations will be explored as part of the event.

The Next Normal - Futureproofing the workforce for a post-pandemic world describes what the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 has meant for how businesses manage employees and how it may permanently change how they are managed in the future.

We will hear how the Report’s conclusions can be used by businesses, educators and policymakers alike to understand more about how workforces can be future-proofed.

Chaired by Sarah Howard MBE, chair of the British Chambers of Commerce, Sarah will be joined by:

  • Gillian Keegan MP, Secretary of State for Apprenticeships and Skills
  • Pawel Adrjan, Head of EMEA Research, Indeed
  • Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy, British Chambers of Commerce
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