Your Southeast Asia Expansion – People before Product

Southeast Asia is a highly contested market and newcomers can struggle to persuade the top talent to confide in them.

A company's first hire is the most important of all and needs to both have the support from HQ and tools to build out a winning local team

Companies that enter a new market may have their product top-of-mind, but the people promoting their product in a new market are far more important.

When not well executed, hiring abroad can reduce not increase transparency and companies' views into new market, so it is critical to secure the best people for the job and ensure their buy-in.

What you will learn: 

  • How global business growth will?continue despite?challenging?circumstances and why remote work is the new normal.
  • How to put employees in new regions ahead of your product or service, including trustworthy hiring, onboarding and HR management in a different country.
  • Best practices for expansion to another country and getting the ball rolling in a new market.
  • Marketing Internationalization Best Practices – Best practices on how to raise brand awareness before going out to the market.
  • Partnering Best Practices – why companies that come to Asia need partners in Asia and how to manage them.


  • Fiona Carney - Asia Pacific & Japan Business Operations Senior Director of Microsoft
  • Steve Dawson - CEO and Founder of Asia Market Entry Pte Ltd
  • Charles Hamilton Ferguson - General Manager, Asia at Globalization Partners

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