As the UK begins its withdrawal from the EU, Sheffield Chamber is helping businesses to consider how they can plan for the future.

Since the EU referendum in June 2016, business communities across the UK have faced unprecedented levels of uncertainty about trading conditions in the future.

The UK has now formally notified the EU that it will neither accept nor seek any extension to the transition period on the 31st December 2021.

The end of the transition period will affect many businesses in the UK, and crucially, it will also affect their EU customers/suppliers and their commercial relationships with them. Sheffield Chamber is encouraging companies of all sizes and sectors to prepare themselves and be proactive in ensuring they are setting their company up to change from free trade to full customs procedures, duties and VAT.

Sheffield Chamber are here to provide support and advice.

Below you will find a number of resources which contain important information on the impeding changes. These include an informative report, produced by Sheffield Chamber, that discusses the potential bottom line impact on your business and certain mitigating customs procedures which may enable significant duty and/or tax relief. In addition a Post-Transition Brexit Checklist, produced by the BCC, to help you consider the changes that Brexit may bring to your firm after the transition ends in December 2020.

Furthermore, we now offer online Brexit compliance audits, where we will conduct a comprehensive audit, looking at compliance, routing of your imports/exports and advising on customs systems to be applied to limit cost and exposure.

Sheffield Chamber cannot stop Brexit, but it can help you through it.

For further information please do not delay. Contact our specially trained staff on 0114 201 8888 or email