Online Brexit Compliance Audit

Sheffield International Trade Centre are conducting online Brexit compliance audits for businesses to help you prepare for the end of the UK/EU transition period.

Prepare your business for the end of the Brexit transition agreement, which will go ahead on the 31st December 2020.

SITC now offer a new system whereby the audits can be conducted online.

During the compliance audit we will get a thorough understanding of your business.

  • We can advise you on the specific areas you need to consider to reduce the effect both to your business and that of your customers in Europe.
  • Explain the implications of customs procedures and we can calculate the cost to your balance sheet on a month by month and annual basis. We will go through the list of actions that can be introduced to mitigate compliance risk and cost.
  • Help you apply for customs systems to ensure you are using the most efficient practises that are available to limit cost and exposure.
  • Discuss the management of the change, your compliance responsibilities and the consequences of ill preparation.

If your business requires an ‘are you prepared’ compliance audit, please get in touch, call 0114 201 8888, or email