e-z Cert Online

e-z Cert is a service offering which enables exporters to obtain certain certificates online. It can be used to obtain European Community and Arab British Certificates of Origin, EUR1s and ATR documents.

e-z cert is also used to certify other commercial documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists and is approved by the British Chambers of Commerce as being compliant with regulations and data security requirements.

Why Use E-Z Cert?

  • No need to leave your office, saving valuable time
  • Cost effective
  • More accurate completion
  • No postage charges
  • Professional presentation every time
  • Fast service
  • No retyping of data for similar content

Our Export Office Hub provides a full documentation service whereby we complete any documentation required on your behalf.

Register online at www.e-zcert.com to apply for documents electronically. If you require any assistance during the setting up process please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email international@scci.org.uk.