Export Office: Export Licences

Certain types of goods and trading activity need an Export Licence depending on their nature and destination.

It is a criminal offence to export licensable goods and technologies without a licence and it is the exporter’s responsibility to undertake due diligence in this area.

Ignorance is not accepted as an excuse!

Non-compliance can result in your goods being impounded by HMRC, restoration charges and fines– not to mention a disgruntled customer!

We can guide you through the processes of Export Licenses, offering the following range of services:

  • A review on whether any of your products or technologies may require a licence
  • Advise on the type of licence you will require
  • Submit export licence applications on your behalf
  • Put in place systems and procedures which will help ensure that you fulfil your compliance responsibilities
  • Train your staff to deal with licence applications and compliance issues.
  • Establish clear lines of reporting responsibility