Sheffield Chamber comments on Growth of BCC’s Global Business Network

Commenting on today’s announcement that 24 additional British Chambers across Europe have become part of the BCC’s Global Business Network, Richard Wright, Head of Policy and Representation at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, said: 

“Sheffield Chamber welcomed the agreement. It has been a strategy of our Chamber to connect members with international business opportunities for many years and we already have a superb relationship with the Global Business Networks all over the world. We hold regular speed dating events where business get a unique opportunity to sit in front of these individuals to properly understand the opportunities for their products. Those same individuals can then facilitate the relationship building, marketing, enquiries, visits etc. We have a great track record of delivering real opportunities up to £1m in value.

“This agreement allows us to take this activity to the next level and dovetail it with our expertise in helping businesses get the approvals and knowledge of the procedures that are increasingly needed to trade with the world. We need to recognise that depending on how Brexit progresses Europe will just be another international opportunity in line with Asia, Americas and the Middle East.”

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