Customer Charter and Complaints Procedure

Our aim is to provide a service that delivers everything you expect from your membership of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.

All staff of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry are proud to acknowledge that they participate and are actively involved in the following Code of Practice regarding Customer Care to its members.

  1. Provide good professional advice on all to meet individual customer needs using the correct procedures as set out by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Provide a dedicated help facility to assist members to access all services that membership can offer.
  3. Provide members with services that are easy to access, competitively priced and value for money.
  4. Have SCCI staff trained to the highest standards to provide an efficient and competitive service.
  5. Provide members with information, via various communication methods, on how to access services and make the most of their membership.
  6. Respond to member enquiries within agreed timescales set internally by the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.
  7. Ensure that all members receive the best possible guidance, advice and assistance at all times.
  8. Ensure all information held about a member is accurate, up to date and adheres to data protection.

If ever any part of our service is not to your satisfaction, please tell us so that we can have the opportunity to put it right.

This is part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service to our customers and to offer the highest levels of business development.

If at any stage you feel that we are not meeting our standards of quality, please follow the procedure below:

  • Inform your account manager as soon as possible
  • Allow them time to investigate and offer a solution

If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, please write to:

Louisa Harrison-Walker
Executive Director
Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
Cubo Sheffield,
38 Carver Street,
S1 4FS

All written complaints will be reviewed by the Executive Director, in order to find a solution to rectify any customer concern.

We are confident that you will receive the highest standard of service in developing your business and look forward to working with you.