Email Marketing

As a membership organisation we have a definitive database of companies within the Sheffield City Region. Use our email marketing service to directly approach the Sheffield business community and get your message heard.

The HTML email will be completely bespoke and tailored to your business and does not need to reference Sheffield Chamber. You will receive a post email report of the open and click rate.

Maximising the response rate of your email involves making sure your email looks fantastic. Sheffield Chamber is on hand to offer advice and support to ensure your email performs as well as possible.

Tips for an effective email

  • Include a clear call to action – Most subscribers will scan the email, so ensure it includes a clear message to catch their attention and a click button to find out more.
  • Plan for no images – The vast majority of email clients block images in messages unless the user opts to see them – that means your images will never get seen unless the rest of the content is descriptive enough to persuade recipients to allow images to be shown. Avoid embedding critical content in images and instead make use of headlines and body content to explain the email.
  • Keep it simple – Avoid using overly complex layouts and long copy paragraphs. The aim of the email is to spark interest and get the recipient to click for more information. Use clean simple messages and get straight to the point.
  • Personalise the email – Our database includes the name and company of the recipient. Instead of receiving a campaign with generic,
    one-size-fits-all message, use this data to target the recipient personally to increase the emails open and click rate.

For more information on artwork specification and cost, click here.

Please contact your Account Manager for further information, or call:

t. 0114 201 8888

“We sold at least one vehicle by following up on the post eShot report provided. We recently decided to send another and delighted to say sold three vehicles, great result for us! Since this we have booked another and now also taken advantage of the Fuel Card services offered by Sheffield Chamber. If this deal comes to fruition we will save hundreds! Our membership cost has easily been returned by using the services offered and keeping in contact with our Account Manager”

Paul Fox, Bickerton ŠKODA


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This service is available in all categories, however additional costs will apply in Charity, Primary, Essential and Growth membership.