Become a Chamber Member to strengthen your business. This level includes fantastic services to help your business stay compliant, to look after and retain your employees, to grow your business and to help you give back to your community.

24/7 365 benefits to support you and your employees

From every document you need relating to HR, legal and health and safety, to employee-focused benefits such as healthcare, rewards, and discounted gym membership. From exclusive money-saving services and discounts to digital marketing services such as sharing your news and events on our website. The benefits go on.

Click here for details on all our fantastic services included in Chamber membership.

Networking and events.

We host a jam-packed calendar of business-focused events. All events are discounted/free to Chamber members.

upcoming events

Learning and development.

Up-skill and retain your best people with training and development. All courses are discounted to Chamber members.

upcoming training

Make a difference in Sheffield.

We are stronger when we work together. Contribute to work that benefits our city, economy, and communities. Click here for more details on our fantastic partnerships and campaigns, including our one-of-a-kind collaboration with Sheffield Business Together.  

Registered charities receive a 25% discount on all our membership packages. 

Benefits of Chamber Member

AXA Health: Business Healthcare Cover

Healthcare cover can help to provide you with peace of mind that your team’s health and wellbeing is being looked after, so you can focus on your business.

AXA Health: Reward Overview

At AXA Health, we know that your people are your greatest asset. Offering healthcare cover shows your employees that you really value what they do for you. That you’re ready to invest in their health and wellbeing – and in getting them back on their feet again if they become unwell.
Healthcare cover can help to provide you with peace of mind that your team’s health and wellbeing is being looked after, so you can focus on your business.

AXA Health: 24/7 Health Support Line

Free access to our 24/7 health support line for all Chambers of Commerce members

Moneycorp: Free Foreign Exchange Audit

If your business has any international payment requirements, we can carry out a free foreign exchange audit which will provide you with an in depth report and suggestions around where your business can save money.

Moneycorp: Reward Overview

Through our partnership with exchange experts Moneycorp, we're looking to help promote transparency in the FX market and decrease the cost of foreign exchange for businesses. If your business has any international payment requirements, we can carry out a free foreign exchange audit which will provide you with an in depth report and suggestions around where your business can save money.

A bespoke FX and international payments service, provided by Moneycorp.

Are you importing, exporting, paying for a service abroad or receiving international funding?

Sheffield Chamber have joined forces with leading specialists Moneycorp, to offer a dedicated foreign exchange service that provides peace of mind to know your FX needs are in the hands of experts.

Through this partnership, you can access:

  • Preferential exchange rates
  • Zero international payment fees*
  • Free FX audit
  • Multiple currency holding accounts when you open your Moneycorp account
  • A dedicated account manager for expert market guidance and hedging strategy
  • Sign up for a corporate FX account today

Moneycorp have helped more than 14,000 businesses with international payments, risk management solutions and tools to help businesses compete on the global stage. They will ensure your funds get where they need to be on time and help minimise your currency costs.

Sign up for a corporate international payments account today and discover how your business could reduce currency costs and risk in a global marketplace.


Professional Energy Purchasing: Business Energy Support

Services to support your business move towards a Net Zero future, as well as ensuring you are purchasing your energy at the best possible price.

Professional Energy Purchasing: Reward Overview

Professional Energy Purchasing is a local independent Energy Management specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the energy market. They work with all major utility companies in the UK to provide competitive gas, electricity and water prices.

Through this dedicated service, you can receive access to independent energy audits to identify potential savings, helping you to reduce energy and plan for Net Zero climate targets.

Professional Energy Purchasing: Net Zero future

What's included?

  • Efficiency assessments of operational activity, building optimisation and uses of energy.
  • Detailed reporting providing energy reduction proposals, renewable energy supply options, better building optimisation, behavioural change advice, investment costs and ROI payback periods.
  • Sourcing and project support for the implementation of renewable energy supply.
  • Green energy procurement and energy funding advice.

To access your free initial member consultation, or for more information, please log into the member hub.

Did you know businesses waste on average 20% of the energy they use? This free 10 point guide will help you reduce energy and move towards a net-zero future.

Professional Energy Purchasing: Commercial Energy Procurement Service

What's included:

  • Review of any existing contracts and provision of new options based on market prices and individual business requirements.
  • Management of gas and electricity installation, downgrading, relocation, or disconnections.

To access your free initial member consultation, or for more information, please log in to the member hub

Quest: 24/7 HR & Employment Law Helpline

Access to experienced HR/employment law specialists all day, every day of the year.

Quest: Reward Overview

This is an employer focussed service and whether you have a serious issue or just need pointing in the right direction to access compliant documentation you may need, the 24/7 advice line provides support, insights and practical advice.


Quest: Full Business Support

Access to business advice lines and free business documents, plus free insurance offers.

Quest: Chamber HR

Chamber HR is an invaluable resource for businesses of any size. If you don’t have your own specialist in-house it provides expert advice and for larger organisations the team are able to serve as support to your HR department

The service includes:

  • Unlimited access to the employer focussed HR business advice line,
  • Use of over 450 HR template documents which cover the whole lifecycle of an employee,
  • Access to the online HR newsroom which contains the latest commentary and topical articles relating to all HR matters
  • HR health check
  • Insurance – You are protected by Employment Tribunal Cover


Quest: Chamber Legal

Chamber Legal provides businesses of all sizes with access to experienced legal specialists. Whether you are at the beginning of your business journey or an established company looking to address specific issues, Chamber Legal can be a vital component within your support network.

The service includes:

  • Advice Line (During office hours) – Talk to a specialist about any legal queries, or if you just need to find documentation within the on-line library.
  • Use of over 180 legal template documents.
  • Insurance – You are covered for data protection, property disputes and more.


Quest: Chamber Health and Safety

Chamber H&S, offers an easy an convenient solution to help businesses and organisations of all sizes maintain compliance with current health and safety standards.

The service  includes:

  • Advice Line (During office hours) – Talk to a specialist about any health and safety related issues, or need pointing towards documentation within the library.
  • Use of over 130 H&S template documents
  • H&S health check
  • Insurance – You are protected from the costs of defending an HSE prosecution


Quest: Chamber Tax and VAT

Chamber Tax is a valuable resource for any organisation seeking professional guidance on tax-related matters. Whether its advice around managing finances or guidance on tax planning, the tax team can provide the expert support you need.

The service includes:

  • Tax advice line (During office hours) - Expert support from our tax specialists
  • VAT advice line (During office hours) – Talk to a member of our VAT team
  • Insurance – You are protected from the costs of a tax enquiry by HMRC


Quest: Legal Expense Insurance

This policy provides members peace of mind, knowing that their membership affords them protection for a wide range of disputes that could impact their business or organisation.

For more information call the team on: 01455 852037

Radius: Research and Development (R&D) Tax Reliefs

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Reliefs provide companies with the opportunity to claim generous tax savings for their innovative activities.

Radius: The Benefits of Claiming

Do you pay technical staff to solve technical problems, perhaps developing new or improved processes, products or software?

If so, Sheffield Chamber can help you claim R&D tax credits from HMRC, which give tax savings for innovating. The savings are significant - usually equivalent to around a quarter of the amount you’ve actually spent.

Eligible companies can obtain tax relief on qualifying expenditure either by reducing taxable profits or creating (or increasing) tax losses which can be sacrificed to HMRC in return for a cash repayment.

The relief available is very generous and an SME incurring £100k of qualifying costs could save in the region of £25k in tax. Claims can go back two financial years, so first-time claimants can particularly benefit.

Radius: Eligibility

Projects qualifying for R&D relief include those seeking an appreciable improvement in science or technology.

So, if you are paying people to solve technical problems there may be scope to claim if you are:

  • Modifying a manufacturing process
  • Developing bespoke software
  • Creating a new product or improving an existing one

Radius: How We Can Help

If you think your company might be eligible to make a claim, Sheffield Chamber has partnered with Radius at Shorts Chartered Accountants.

The Radius team make the claims process simple. Their approach focusses on quickly and concisely assessing your potential eligibility before completing the process on your behalf. Radius employ an ex-HMRC Inspector to ensure that all claims are fully compliant before submission. This process is highly successful and has saved clients millions of pounds in tax savings across a wide spectrum of industries.

Shorts’ Radius team apply a simple three stage approach to prepare a robust claim that maximises the tax relief available:

1. Initial Discussion

30-60 minutes, either in person or over the phone to explore whether a claim is possible.

2. Technical Meeting

Radius will meet with you to identify qualifying projects and costs to include in the claim.

3. Produce Claim Documents

Radius will work with you to maximise the claim within the scope of the legislation. We produce the technical report and a summary of qualifying costs that is required to support a claim.

You review it and when you’re happy, we’ll submit the whole claim to HMRC for you.

You'll then receive your tax savings from HMRC - up to a quarter of the amount you've actually spent on innovating.

To check your eligibility and access the service, visit our R&D hub.

For a R&D Tax Credits Essential Guide, click here.

Click here to check your eligibility 

Sheffield Business Together: Charity, Voluntary and Community Group Support

Opportunities that matches grass roots voluntary and charity sector need with private sector resource. Sheffield Business Together is a collaboration between Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business in the Community.

Sheffield Business Together: Access Opportunities in Charities and Community Groups

Working in partnership with anchor institutions and key businesses in the region we are creating a citywide network of 1000s of businesses, voluntary and public sector organisations, to connect, collaborate and harness resources to tackle the big challenges facing our city and communities.

The focus of this partnership is to bring like-minded businesses together to collaborate, connect, share, and harness resources to address some of the key challenges facing our city and communities.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together.

Businesses want to give back and our aim is to make it easy for you to do so. Providing opportunities tailored to your business and expertise, that make a measurable and tangible impact to city challenges.

How you can help and get involved?
Whether your focus is supporting our voluntary sector, working with schools and colleges, in deprived communities to change the life chances of a young person or supporting more collaborative projects to tackle social issues. There are a range of opportunities to get involved in.

For an idea of Sheffield Business Together’s key campaigns and ideas of how your business could help click here.

Access to this service is simple.
Whether you are a business that wants to give back or to understand how you can help, this is your one-stop-shop.

Or if you are a charity looking for support and would like to be introduced to Chamber members with the skills and expertise to help.

Contact Sheffield Chamber via the details below. A member of the partnership will then get in touch.  

Call:         0114 201 8888


Sheffield City Trust: Gym Membership

Discounted gym membership to keep your people active and healthy. Award winning gym membership providing unlimited access to a wide range of facilities at seven venues across Sheffield.

Sheffield City Trust: Gym Membership Member Offer

Sheffield City Trust’s award winning membership provides unlimited access to a wide range of facilities at seven venues across Sheffield including:

  • Seven gyms kitted out with top of the range CV, resistance, free weights and functional training equipment
  • Six unique swimming pools offering lane swimming, general swim, leisure swimming sessions and aqua based fitness classes
  • Over 500 fitness classes to choose from each week
  • Indoor athletics track used by Olympic athletes

Sheffield City Trust is far more than just a gym, it is part of SCT and with a Sheffield City Trust membership you will also enjoy:

  • Access to book online through our app and website
  • Discounts on court hire
  • 15% Discount on a range of food and drinks in our cafes
  • You'll have the support from our team with a complimentary monthly motivational gym session to keep you on track

And if that’s not enough for you to hit the ground running, or swimming, or spinning…Chamber of Commerce members receive Sheffield City Trust Corporate discount too! You can choose from two membership options:

  • Corporate Tier 2 Access all sites 12-month Direct Debit Membership – £32 per month
  • Corporate Tier 2 Access all sites 12-month Annual Payment – £352 per annum

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Events & Networking

We host a packed calendar of events, for all levels of membership. Whether it be a patron’s dinner, an invitation event or a topical seminar, all members have a chance to make important connections, broaden their knowledge and take on new ideas.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Breakfast Networking

Meet delegates from organisations based throughout the region in a friendly and informal morning setting. Enjoy some great conversations and make new connections. You can also hear how the Chamber is working on your behalf.

These events are available to members and non-members. Click here to book - Search 'Networking'.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Lunchtime Networking

Why not spend lunchtime in the company of fellow members. You can create new connections, catch up with regular attendees and find out how the Chamber is working on your behalf..

These events are available to members and non-members. Click here to book - Search 'Networking'.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Evening Networking

Finish the working day off by joining the Chamber team at one of our informal early evening events. A great opportunity to expand your personal and professional network and get an update on how the Chamber is working on your behalf. 

These events are available to members and non-members. Click here to book - Search 'Networking'.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Training and Development

Up-skill and retain your best people with training and development. All courses are discounted to Chamber members.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Training Courses

The extensive choice of business training and development offered by us is recognised by a range of accredited awarding bodies. Our aim is to assist you with your workforce development needs and increase the productivity of your employees.

The courses offered by the Chamber are split into several categories, including:

  • Management 
  • Business Development
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Data and Digital
  • International Trade
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Procurment
  • Environmental and Quality
  • Social Media and Marketing

Training your workforce is vital for sustainability, development and improvement. These courses will help your business to remain competitive in the future.

Click Here to see our training courses

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Share Business News, Events and Opportunities

Market and showcase your organisation by publishing your events, news & opportunities on the Sheffield Chamber Website.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Upload Your Event to the Chamber Website

Members are able to feature their own events on our website. Showcase and promote your own events, workshops and webinars to the chamber community and beyond.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Upload Your News to the Chamber Website

Updated regularly throughout the week, the news section on the website provides members with an opportunity to highlight the latest activities within their organisation.

Members are able to upload their own news, providing an extra avenue to celebrate success and share what they are up to with web-news readers within the region and beyond

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Share and Access Exclusive Member Offers

Benefit from and access exclusive discounts and offers submitted by Chamber members.

Whether it be discounted tickets to an event or free support sessions, there is a dedicated offers area in our Member Hub that enables you to access, offer and promote exclusive content to our member community.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Share and Access Exclusive Member Opportunities

Whether it is a tender, a business need, a request for services/support or you are a charity looking for trustees, this dedicated  area on the Chamber website is the place to highlight your requirements or opportunities.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Your Member Hub

An interactive area of the chamber website where you can access the support and services available to you, reserve places on events, workshops and webinars and keep fellow members up to date with what is happening within your organisation.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Member Directory

The members’ directory is an easy-to-navigate database of chamber members. It features the ability to privately message other organisations you may wish to connect with. You can also see what upcoming events fellow members plan to attend.

Each member of Sheffield Chamber has their own dedicated profile section. Here you can upload your logo, contact details and business description, including products and services you may provide. This acts as a great tool to showcase who you are and what you do to the other organisations within membership.

Members may also request a copy of our membership database which includes a primary contact name, telephone number, company description and address. This database is invaluable if you are looking to expand your profile in the city.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Access Your Rewards

With all levels of membership comes access to a suite of bespoke services. Via the Member Hub you can see what services are available to you, and most importantly, how to access them.

Whether you need the number for our dedicated HR advice line or a discount code for AA breakdown, all information can be accessed via the hub.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Personalised Profile

Each member of the Chamber has its own dedicated profile, containing information bespoke to them and their level of membership. You can login to the hub to see what level of membership you are on and the services available to you, how long until your renewal date and who your dedicated Account Manager is (you can even message them directly).

You also have the ability to tailor your bespoke information feed to your personal interests and requirements. Not interested in attending black tie dinners or news about manufacturing? Not a problem, you can customise your content to only show through the information you want to receive. This also goes for your email preferences; via the hub you have the ability to choose what information you would like to receive.

Principle users also have the ability to add more users to your account (who can also set up their own tailored content). For example, this is perfect if you have a dedicated member of staff who manages your business news or a member of staff who attends events. Via the hub, you can set up an additional accounts for staff members who manage different areas of your organisation.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Upload your Events, News, Offers and Opportunities

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce represents and works with a vast range of businesses, charities and other organisations. This in turn, means we have an extremely active website, regularly visited by thousands of people from both within and outside our region.

Subject to your membership level, you can utilise our digital reach for your own gain by uploading your own events, news, offers or opportunities to the chamber website

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Access Discounted Prices for Training and Events

All members are able to access discounts on training courses and events. Simply log in and reserve you place(s) via the relevant section in the member hub, and the exclusive membership price will automatically be applied.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Chamber Customs Service

Develop your markets with our international trade services. Expert service and advice on any aspect of international trade. Importing, exporting... we have you covered.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Export/Import Office Hub

30% discount on our export office hub service: Export/Import Office Hub

We can complete trade documentation on your company’s behalf, and liaise with any 3rd party, such as freight forwarders, to ensure your goods are delivered.

Sheffield Chamber fully appreciates that some businesses do not always have the time, expertise or confidence to manage their own export processes. We can do this for you, leaving you to focus on making your products and running your business.

Our Export Office Hub service is a specially designed facility that houses a dedicated team of international trade professionals, who are experts in all areas of export/import administration. We can complete trade documentation on your company’s behalf, and liaise with any 3rd party, such as freight forwarders, to ensure your goods are delivered.

All documents, which are prepared with absolute confidence, accuracy and efficiency, can be completed via email, telephone and post, saving you precious time and money.

This service includes:

Single Documents

Including, but not limited to, UK Certificate of Origin, Arab Certificate of Origin, UK EUR1, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Inspection Report, Bill of Exchange, Dangerous Goods Notes and Standard Shipping Notes.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit is a guarantee from a bank that the seller will receive payment from a buyer and can save you time, reduce risk and accelerate payments

We offer three tiers of service:

Tier 1 - Feasibility Check

It is not uncommon for Issuing Banks to raise non-feasible Letters of Credit. On receipt of the LC, simply email the Letter of Credit to us and we will check it to ensure the conditions can be met by your company, which supporting documents (plus how many copies) are required, how they must be worded to meet LC conditions and make aware of any time limited rules.

Tier 2 – Pre-presentation Check

Prepare and collate all your documentation as per the LC ready for presentation to the bank. We will check through all documentation to ensure everything is in line with the LC and highlight any possible discrepancies/anomalies.
Price to be confirmed subject to number of documents to check.

Tier 3 – Full Management

Sheffield Chamber will deal with your Letter of Credit from the outset. Including liaising with your freight forwarder to make sure the transport documents are correctly prepared, together with any other 3rd party (such as issuing banks and port authorities), as well as generating the remaining documents and presenting them to the bank on your behalf. Should the bank have any queries, we will address them for you.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Licences

Licences are needed for import and export where the ECJU (Export Control Joint Unit) indicates a need for control.

We offer two tiers of service:

Tier 1 – Pre-submission Check

After you have prepared your licence application as per ECO regulations, we will conduct an independent assessment of it prior to the submission to the ECO. We will then arrange to visit you at your premises to go through your application, cross referencing with the end-user undertaking (EUU) form, sales order detail and any other relevant supporting documentation. Here you will be advised of any areas of concern with your application prior to submitting to the ECO.

Tier 2 – Full Management

Sheffield Chamber will support your business through the entire process of successfully achieving your licence. We will check it to ensure its conditions can be met, liaise with your Freight Forwarder to make sure the transport documents are correctly prepared, together with any other third party. We will fulfil the export licence criteria, gathering all the supporting documentation for you and we will tie in other parameters such as Letters of Credit and Certificates of Origin.

Occasionally good are seized by UK border control, invariably this is because they require an export licence. In these cases we can assist with the release of goods.

For further information on Import/Export Licences, Letter of Credit Management of any of the Office Hub services please call 0114 201 8888 or email

Swoop: Chamber Finance Finder

Discover the right funding solutions across loans, equity investment, grants and commercial mortgages to protect and grow your business.

Swoop: Reward Overview

 Many businesses are struggling to navigate the current funding landscape as interest rates climb. 
The Chamber Finance Finder platform simplifies and speeds up the funding process, matching member businesses with the right funding solutions across loans, equity and grants.
Register for a free account and within minutes, you could be matched to all funding opportunities available, including grants for innovation and progress towards Net Zero. You will also find innovative products such as VAT loans and invoice finance alongside traditional loans and asset finance.
It’s quick and easy to check your eligibility and progress via the Swoop portal.
Chamber members will also have access to several exclusive benefits, including:
5 days a week Chamber hotline: Dedicated Chamber hotline 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm to support you.
Free financial health assessment: Speak with a funding manager to assess potential savings and funding solutions.
Templates and advice to aid applications: Let our funding advisors guide you through your application to increase your chance of success.
Finance updates: Monthly content and updates on the funding landscapes to keep you up to date.

The AA: Business Breakdown Cover

Claim up to 67% off a Business Breakdown Cover membership with the AA Roadside Assistance for you and qualifying members of the team.

The AA: Reward Overview

Running a company with vehicles at its heart means that staying still isn’t an option. The AA’s business breakdown cover will make sure your drivers get back on the road quickly – and with minimum disruption – if the worst happens. All you need to do is choose the right level of cover for you.

The AA: Reward Available

Up to 67% of business breakdown cover for Chamber Members

Cover from just £51.56 per vehicle, no matter how small your fleet!

Which vehicles can be covered?

Whether you just have a single vehicle or run a whole fleet, the AA can cover your cars, vans, trucks and more – as long as they’re 3.5 tonnes or under. If you’re not sure if your vehicle would be eligible, you can call the AA on 0800 55 11 88 to check.

What does cover include?

You can choose from the following options for your company’s vehicles:

Roadside (compulsory)

Repair or recovery to the AA’s choice of appropriate local repairer.

Home Start (compulsory)

For breakdowns at or within ¼ mile of your home address.

National Recovery

Transportation of vehicle, driver and up to 7 passengers to a UK mainland address if prompt local repair not possible.

Relay Plus

Extended Relay service to include one of three alternative arrangements for driver and passengers; car hire, accommodation or public transport services.

Accident Management

Takes the hassle out of arranging repair, recovery and insurance claims after an accident or vandalism.


Breakdown and recovery options for drivers in Europe (subject to territorial limits)

Signing Up Criteria

Individual employees using their own vehicles for business purposes are able to sign up for the discount cover. However, they are required to have business insurance included within their policy. Enrolling under their respective business employees should register with their name c/o their organisation. The discount will apply to individuals whilst they are with their employer.

The AA: How to claim

Cover from just £51.56 per vehicle, no matter how small your fleet. Login to your member hub to access.

The AA: Reward Terms and Conditions

*Savings based on Fleetwide 3 Standard rates for 3-6 vehicles. £51.56 for Roadside and Home Start cover (Fleetwide 5). Fleetwide cover does not apply to: specialist vehicles, i.e.: taxis, mini cabs, hire vehicles, ambulances, police vehicles, vehicles on trade plates, minibuses, privately owned vehicles (unless used for business purposes), motorcycles and courier vehicles (all of which can be covered on Specialist rates, call 0800 55 11 88 for details), or any vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW.

Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer prices are only available while your Chamber membership is current. We reserve the right to review pricing at any time. Full terms and conditions available on request by calling 0800 55 11 88.

The Gym Group: Corporate Gym Membership

Access one of 230+ gyms across the UK with no joining fee and receive an additional 10% discount off your monthly membership.

The Gym Group: Reward Overview

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Members, unlock your potential with the gym group’s corporate membership to one of our 230+ gyms across the UK with no joining fee and receive an additional 10% discount off your monthly membership.

The Gym Group: How to claim

You can join on either their ‘do it.’ (single-site access) membership or ‘live it.’ (multi-site access) membership. A Sheffield Chamber of Commerce corporate membership entitles you to no joining fee and an additional 10% discount off your monthly membership (terms & conditions apply). Login to view your exclusive discount code.

Unlock your potential with The Gym Group.

The Gym Group: Reward Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to the offer of The Gym Group Corporate Membership:

These terms of the corporate discount are in addition to our standard The Gym Group Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions found below:

Corporate Discount Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Offer is valid when purchasing both ‘do it.’  or ‘live it.’  memberships only
  2. The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  3. The Offer cannot be transferred to another person
  4. The Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product or service
  5. The Gym Group reserves the right to amend or remove the current Offer at any time
  6. Existing Members will need to cancel their current Membership online and re-join via The Gym Group website in order to benefit from the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Corporate Membership which entitles you to a 10% discount off the monthly membership headline rate and no joining fee
  7. The Offer is only available at open gyms and discounted from headline membership fees only (excluding all pre-sale or newly opened membership fee promotions and excludes any pre-sale or newly opened gyms still within their ‘Promotional’ period)
  8. We reserve the right to remove the Offer from any location for specific health and safety reasons (for example, if the gym reaches maximum capacity or in the event of planned refurbishment)

unLTD Magazine: Advertising

Subject to your membership level, receive inclusive or heavily discounted magazine adverting rates in the unLTD Business Magazine.

unLTD Magazine: Discounted Advertising Opportunity

Sheffield Chamber has partnered with UnLTD Business Magazine to offer members an exclusive magazine advertising service.  

What is unLTD Business Magazine? 

unLTD is a vibrant platform for the modern Sheffield City Region business community. At its heart is a monthly magazine distributed to 5,000 organisations and individuals across the region, underpinned and enhanced by a website updated daily and three social media channels. The content is modern, relevant and focused on the issues that matter to business in the 21st Century. 

Sheffield Chamber Membership Offer 

All Members 

One off introductory offer:
Half-Page Sheffield Chamber Offer – £99 + Vat
Full- Page Sheffield Chamber Offer – £175 + Vat

For more information, email or call 0114 201 8888. Terms and conditions apply, please log into the member hub for more information.

Westfield Health: 24/7 Counselling Services and GP Helpline

24hr advice and information line, up to six structured counselling sessions, plus 24 hours a day DoctorLine™ service.

Westfield Health: Chamber Primary Health Plan

Exclusively available to BCC accredited and affiliated member organisations of all sizes, the Chamber Primary Health Plan starts from just £6.74 per employee, per month and allows staff to claim money back, up to set limits, for things like sight tests and glasses, dental bills, therapy treatments and consultations. The plan also provides access to health and wellbeing services including:

  • DoctorLine™ service providing policyholders with confidential telephone access to a practising UK GP or clinical pharmacist, 24 hours a day – every day, from anywhere in the world, with optional webcam consultations
  • Scanning Service - MRI, CT and PET scans
  • 24hr Advice and Information Line and up to six structured counselling sessions
  • Plus much more...

View the full benefit table and pricing here

Download a digital Overview Here

To access this service, call Sheffield Chamber on 0114 201 8888 or email

Westfield Health: Health Plans, Wellbeing and Insurance

Health cash plans, wellbeing services and insurance to take care of employees in both body and mind.

Westfield Health: Private Health Insurance

Our Private Health Insurance policy, Surgery Choices, makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible so staff can be treated quicker and back in the workplace sooner.

Employees will have access to prompt private medical treatment for a whole range of conditions (excluding heart and cancer). With immediate cover for new conditions and fast access to fixed price private treatment packages, cover starts from just £6.74 per employee, per month.

Premiums are flat rated meaning that they won’t increase with age or number of claims.

To access this service, call Sheffield Chamber on 0114 201 8888 or email

Westfield Health: Health Calendar or The Wellbeing Plan online resource centre

Choose between two ready-made annual wellbeing engagement programmes depending on whether you prefer an online or an offline solution. Both provide targeted promotions to engage your staff in improving their health and wellbeing. 

Your Chamber membership gives you access to a 25% discount on the standard pricing for the Health Calendar or The Wellbeing Plan online resource centre.

Health Calendar

  • With over 30 topics to choose from, you choose the 12 topics that best meet the needs of your organisation for your annual health calendar. 
  • Each month you’ll receive a communication pack which includes campaign announcement text and weekly promotional top-tip messages to keep the campaign alive – all you have to do is send out the communications. 
  • Your monthly communication pack will include three fact sheets, a poster and a support leaflet signposting your people to national support agencies associated with the topic. 

The Wellbeing Plan Online Resource Centre

  • Select your programme from the 16 topics available. Each has a video, podcast, factsheets and personal training plan. 
  • Each month we’ll send you text to announce the topic of the month, along with weekly top-tip messages to keep the campaign alive and drive engagement with the website. 
  • You’ll have access to a real-time dashboard providing engagement statistics. 
  • You can use the website as a resource to support the delivery of your other health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year. 
  • Employees have unlimited access to the website, accessible from work or home. 

To access this service, call Sheffield Chamber on 0114 201 8888 or email

Westfield Health: Wellbeing Webinars or Workshops

A range of interactive wellbeing webinars and in-person workshops designed to support your employees’ mental and physical health. 

There’s over 40 topics to choose from including some of our most popular sessions: Mental Health Awareness, Dealing With Uncertainty, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Neurodiversity and Optimising Sleep.

To access this service, call Sheffield Chamber on 0114 201 8888 or email

Westfield Health: Other Health and Wellbeing Solutions

Westfield Health’s other health and wellbeing solutions include: 

  • Mental Health First Aid Courses
  • Health and Lifestyle Screening 
  • 1-2-1 Coaching for Senior Leaders, Managers and Employees
  • Active Spaces, Exercise Classes and Gym Management

To access this service, call Sheffield Chamber on 0114 201 8888 or email

Yorkshire Health & Safety Services: Access to a 'Competent Person'

Does your business employe an adequate number of 'competent persons' under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999?

Yorkshire Health & Safety Services: Health and Safety Advisory Service Details

As you are probably aware, employers are bound under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Reg 7) to have an adequate number of 'competent persons', who will assist the employer to comply with obligations under all H&S legislation.

This regulation also requires the employer to make arrangements between competent persons to ensure adequate co-operation between them, to provide the facilities they need to carry out their functions, and specified health and safety information.

In the event that you do not have a competent person then we are able to provide you with a Health and Safety Advisor.

Over a minimum of a 12 month period Sheffield Chamber can provide:

  • Named competent person
  • Health and Safety Advisor Certificate
  • Update existing health and safety policy
  • E-mail facility for H&S questions
  • Telephone helpline
  • Two health and safety audits with a full report prepared on each occasion in the 12 month contract period
  • Access to additional free chamber health and safety services and documents
  • Assistance with sourcing training courses highlighted by the recommendations from the HSAS audit
  • Discounted rates on all training from Sheffield Chamber for HSAS contract holders
  • Emergency assistance to include onsite visit/s is required (limitations apply)

Yorkshire Health & Safety Services: Fire Safety Legislation

The new fire safety legislation “The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005” came into force on 1st October 2006. The purpose of the legislation is to rationalise the existing regulations to provide a fully risk-based approach to how organisations discharge their responsibilities for fire safety. The main change as far as the majority of organisations are concerned is that a Fire Certificate is no longer required. The system will now be risk based and be the responsibility of the nominated “responsible person”.

Sheffield Chamber has the competency within its commercial health and safety advisory service to give your company peace of mind that you are covering all aspects of the legislation.

APCOA: Discounted Car Parking

Claim up to 15% discounted car parking.

APCOA: Reward Overview

Claim up to 15% Discounted Parking at Atkinsons Car Park, Charter Row, S1 4HR

APCOA Parking are delighted to offer discounted parking to Sheffield Chamber of Commerce members through their Season Ticket platform.

Monthly Season Ticket £90.00

Regular price £105.00 from August 2023

Sign into the Members Hub to unlock this reward!

Not a member? Contact to find out more

APCOA: How To Claim

Sign in to the members hub to find out how to claim.

Not a member? Email to find out more

Altitude: Free PR Consultation

Access a free PR & communication MOT worth more than £500.

Altitude: Reward Overview

It’s not often you get something for free these days. There’s usually a catch or a hidden extra. But Chamber Patron Altitude PR is offering members a free PR & communication MOT worth more than £500.

This online consultation will give you some great ideas to take away and implement and there are a lot of ways to maximise communication regardless of how big or small your business is. Whether you are facing challenges with recruitment, retention, sales, negative publicity, poor engagement, or lack of recognition, there are simple fixes which Altitude can help you identify.

Good communication is essential for a healthy profit margin and a growing business. It’s the base on which to build an ambitious company or brand.

Log into our member hub to access this service. 

Fragomen: WorkRight UK, Right to Work Support

WorkRight UK is a certified right to work technology solution designed to help UK employers stay compliant and streamline their employment verification process.

Fragomen: Reward Overview

This is increasingly important as governments globally are using right to work legislation to protect their resident labour forces and demonstrate rigour around migration issues.

Some of the key features of WorkRight UK include:

  • Mobile or desktop submission 
  • Initiate single or multiple requests
  • Identification and facial recognition technology matching the worker to their documentation
  • Document authenticity validation
  • PEP and sanctions checks
  • Mortality check

To find out more WorkRight: UK Right to Work Technology

Download WorkRight making it simple

Download WorkRight Placemat

WorkRight is a global employment verification product and was purpose built to allow for easy RTW verification across the world. If your business wishes to hear more about our UK or global capabilities and explore how this can be used to support your onboarding processes both in the UK and globally, email

South Yorkshire Chambers: Member Networking

The three chambers of commerce in South Yorkshire collaborate to create a series of regular region-wide networking opportunities. As a member, you have a chance to meet with like-minded people from both Doncaster and Barnsley & Rotherham Chambers.

South Yorkshire Chambers: Member Networking Events Overview

The three chambers of commerce within South Yorkshire have joined together to create a programme of regular region-wide networking opportunities. As a member of Sheffield Chamber, you have the chance to meet either in person or online with like-minded people from both Doncaster and Barnsley & Rotherham Chambers.

South Yorkshire Chambers: Netwalking

Meet with chamber members from throughout the region for a fabulous morning of conversation whilst enjoying a relaxing stroll.

All three South Yorkshire chambers take a turn to host, providing an opportunity to showcase the some of the best venues our area has to offer.

So whether its spotting endangered species at Doncaster Wildlife Park, hopping onto a ride at Gulliver’s Valley or exploring some hidden industrial gem in our own city, SYC netwalking is the perfect way to expand your network in a fun and informal way.

South Yorkshire Chambers: Online Networking

If your busy schedule means that face to face networking isn’t an option, then the SYC online events could be the perfect solution for you.

These free for member events are a regular date in our calendar and are a great way to engage with a wide range of organisations quickly and effectively.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: AEO Consultancy

Sheffield International Trade Centre: AEO Consultancy

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to AEO Consultancy

An Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is an ‘internationally recognised quality mark indicating that your role in the international supply chain is secure, and that your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant’.

Although currently not mandatory, businesses accredited with an AEO status, have a commercial advantage when importing and exporting. Those holding the status benefit from streamlined customs processes and fast-tracked shipments through border control. Indirectly, the status strengthens the business’s reputation as a safe and secure trading partner, giving them a competitive advantage.

Due to the changing face of international trade and World Customs Organisation (WCO) objectives, the requirement for businesses to hold an AEO status may significantly increase, as those holding it will, by default, receive priority clearance. Those not accredited will be subject to detrimental impacts on their customs related activity, both operationally and financially.

The benefits of AEO:

  • Reduced administration
  • Movement of goods
  • Improved security & safety
  • Improved supply chain predictability and consistency
  • Simplified Customs declarations and EIDR (Entry in Declarant’s Records)
  • Transit simplifications
  • Priority treatment of consignments if selected for control
  • The option of a centralised clearance self-assessment
  • Easier admittance to special procedures such as CSFP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures), temporary storage and customs warehousing
  • Duty deferment guarantee reduction and SIVA (Simplified Import VAT Accounting)
  • Guarantee reductions or waivers
  • Removal of previous sales provisions relating to valuations

How we can help

Successfully achieving an AEO status for a business can be a time consuming, challenging and daunting exercise. As the only Chamber of Commerce to be AEO accredited, we can help your business through every step of the process, from preparing and assessing if your business is ready to submit a formal application, to successfully achieving and maintaining the status.

We offer two tiers of service:

Tier 1 - Customs Compliance Audit

Working with your finance and operations departments, and any staff involved in international trade administration we will conduct a full audit and risk assessment of your current international operations and customs procedures against the required standard. You will be provided with a detailed corrections report of the actions your business needs to take, and any enhancements and changes that need to be made to achieve a successful application for AEO status.

Subject to the complexity of your company’s structure and the number of sites to cover, this process typically takes two days. At this stage, subject to our recommendations, if required we can continue to full AEO approval (see tier 2).

Tier 2 – Full AEO Approval

This level includes working with your business through the entire compliance and application process for AEO status.

In this case your business will achieve the level of compliance required to become accredited with Approved Exporter Status (AES) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). Your business will also meet the standard for ISO 28000 approval.

The first stage of this tier will involve conducting an initial control assessment of your business against the required standard (see tier 1). We will then support your business in implementing any new procedures required and ensure that your documentation for ongoing WCO is upheld.

As part of the application process HMRC will visit your business to conduct its own audit, evaluating your finances, shipping procedures, site security and customs compliance. As such we will conduct a trial application prior to submitting your application, to ensure nothing is amiss.

Finally, we will assist you in completing every section of the final application and be present through the HRMC audit.

For more information on any aspect of AEO, please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Global Business Network

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Global Business Network

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Global Business Network

A comprehensive international network of Chambers and business groups located across the world, that will drive two-way commerce and business between each location and the UK.

Our Global Business Network acts as an agile and reliable ecosystem for businesses wishing to widen their international horizons. If you want to start doing business internationally, or looking to explore new markets, this service can assist by connecting you with individuals, organisations and stakeholders in 80 major growth markets across the world.

Sheffield Chambers dedicated team can provide you with support services and solutions, practical advice about the local business environment and potential market opportunities. Whether it’s navigating the legal challenges in a new market, finding a local partner or getting frank advice on how to best position a product or service overseas – our Global Business Network can help.

For more information, please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Customs and Excise Consultancy

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Customs and Excise Consultancy

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Customs and Excise Consultancy

Sheffield Chamber can support businesses on all technical customs matters and changes as they happen through our ‘in house’ consultants.

Driven by World Trade Organisation (WTO) and World Customs Organisation (WCO) rules, customs and excise legislation is subject to significant and frequent change and complexity. An internationally trading business must keep up to date with these changes and routinely audit its procedures to ensure compliance.

Sheffield Chamber can support businesses on all technical customs matters and changes as they happen. To avoid any adverse impacts to your business operations in the event of compliance failure, we can assist you to implement procedures to control and manage areas of customs compliance and look at best practice procedures to reduce operating costs.

Whatever the question, query or issue you have, Sheffield Chamber can provide a highly experienced professional industry expert, that will be able to identify and support the implementation of any necessary changes required.

We offer expert consultancy and advice in the following areas:

  • Customs Compliance
  • Customs Planning and Management
  • Customs and Excise Duties
  • Excise Planning and Management
  • VAT
  • Import and Export Customs Procedures
  • Customs Duty Reliefs
  • Rules of Origin
  • Electronic Declaration Procedures
  • Simplified Customs Procedures
  • CBAM
  • Single Window Operating Model
  • Border Target Operating Model
  • The Northern Ireland Windsor Framework
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Post Brexit challenges, obstacles and benefits
  • Customs authorisations and application such as customs warehouse, IPR, OPR, PVA, excise and Bonding Warehouse
  • Training in Customs and Excise and Import / Export Procedures
  • European and North American Customs Issues
  • Import and Export Licencing Applications

For more information on any aspect of Customs and Excise, please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Trade Documentation Service

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Trade Documentation Service

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Trade Documentation Services

The accurate completion of export documentation is vital if charges and delays are to be avoided and shipments are to meet their deadlines. We are authorised to supply export documentation and certify shipments and can help your business through the entire process, from choosing the right documentation to ensuring it is correctly completed.

We act as an issuing body and are authorised by:

  • HM government, for the issue of all non-preference UK Certificates of Origin
  • HMRC, for preference documents such as UK EUR1’s.
  • The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, to act as agents for the issuing of Arab British Certificates of Origin to the Arab League Nations
  • Legalising and Notarising all other Embassy documentation
  • Certifying of invoices and other documents requested by customs/customers
  • UK Certificates of Origin
  • Exporters are often asked to supply a Certificate of Origin for a variety of reasons; to certify the origin of goods, to support a Letter of Credit, or to satisfy overseas Customs procedures

Arab-British Certificates of Origin

A customs clearance requirement to evidence the origin of the goods for Arab League States and may also be requested by the importing company.

UK EUR1 Movement Certificate

An UK EUR1 support claims for preferential (usually zero) rates of duty in the country of implementation. To qualify, the goods must ‘originate’ in the UK. The preference system only applies to countries where certain trade agreements exist with the UK.

We can also authenticate signatures on other documents and are able to make arrangements for legal documents to be apostilled or signed by a notary public.

We manage all embassy and consulate legalisation services.

We provide a while-you-wait service on Monday-Friday, 9.00am-11.30am and 2.00pm-4.00pm*.

Chamber members receive up to 50% discount on our trade documentation service.

For more information please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email

* please note an additional reception fee is applicable between 2.00pm-4.00pm

eCERT Online

eCERT is a service offering which enables exporters to obtain certain certificates online. It can be used to obtain United Kingdom and Arab British Certificates of Origin, and UK EUR1s.

eCERT is also used to certify other commercial documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists and is approved by the British Chambers of Commerce as being compliant with regulations and data security requirements.

Why Use eCERT?

  • No need to leave your office, saving valuable time
  • Cost effective
  • More accurate completion
  • No postage charges
  • Professional presentation every time
  • Fast service
  • No retyping of data for similar content

Our Export Office Hub provides a full documentation service. This enables us to manage the full trade facilitation process for you, from placement of order to payment, covering all customs procedures, declarations, freight, logistics and documentation, including letter of credit management (if required).

Register online at to apply for documents electronically.

If you require any assistance during the setting up process please contact our team on 0114 201 8888 or email

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to PAB Translations

PAB Translations partner with the Sheffield International Trade centre for you to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps with speed and client-centric approach.

We have built a strong team of professional translators, experienced interpreters, lecturers, and language experts. PAB’s team is from all around the world, making us not just language experts but cultural experts too. This dual expertise enables us to address the nuanced challenges that different languages and cultural contexts present.

Together, we swiftly navigate linguistic and cultural barriers supporting seamless overseas market entry. Our profound understanding of these nuances ensures that our clients' messages resonate authentically with their target audiences, fostering genuine connections. Save time and resources by delegating language-sensitive tasks to our expert team, ensuring clear and culturally aligned interactions with your international partners and clients.

Sheffield International Trade Centre: Access to Training

Through Sheffield Chamber training we run a fully comprehensive training courses and programmes with large discounts for chamber members.

We cover the whole range of knowledge requirements for importing, exporting, compliance, incoterms, commodity codes, trade, and documentation.

The flagship training workshops, ITOPS (International Trade Operations & Procedures) is a double certificated, internationally recognised qualification, accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce.

British Chamber of Commerce

As a member of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry you have full access to the British Chambers of Commerce network.

British Chamber of Commerce: Reward Overview

The British Chambers of Commerce's business network has been guided by a simple truth: we're stronger together. A true collective, we’re owned by – and work for – a Network of Chambers that champion and support our members all across the UK and in countries and markets around the world.

How? Our unique business perspective gives us unparalleled insight into British business communities – every sector, every size, everywhere.

Driven by an unwavering passion to help them trade and grow, we have earned the position of their trusted advocates.

Working closely with Chambers, we drive change from the ground up – and our bottom line is helping companies, places and people achieve their potential.

Together, we can create a flourishing economic landscape for all.

South Yorkshire Transport Forum

The South Yorkshire Transport Forum is hosted by Sheffield Chamber and sponsored by Mott MacDonald. It is made up of members and non members across South Yorkshire and includes transport operators, strategy developers as well as interested businesses.

South Yorkshire Transport Forum: Reward Overview

Meetings are held six times a year. Each meeting has a key topic, such as Active Travel, Bus Priority Agenda, etc and includes latest updates. Additional events are occasionally added to cover hot topics such as the Sheffield Clean Air Zone and developments in hydrogen power.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Chamber Council

The Chamber Council is a group of individuals from member companies. The council meets six times a year and meetings include information sharing from members, the executive and external organisations that impact the city.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Chamber Council Overview

The Chamber Council is a group of individuals from member companies. The council meets six times a year and meetings include information sharing from members, the executive and  external organisations that impact the city. Meetings are held at various member locations and aim to inform and benefit all participants.

As a member of Chamber Council you will be an ambassador for the Chamber. You will have opportunties to hear information directly from local and regional policy makers as well as input back in to the Chamber strategy. The Nominations Committee holds interviews annually for positions to start in January for a three year term. Details are shared with all members as they process starts each year.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Chamber Council Position

Patron members can hold an honorary non voting role on Chamber Council. 

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Race, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to have been part of the recent Race Equality Commission review.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Race, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Overview

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to have been part of the recent Race Equality Commission review. It is working with Sheffield City Council and Business Sheffield to meet the requirements set out to support the city to be anti-racist and more inclusive of diverse businesses. Our Chief Exeuctive sits on the newly formed Diverse Business Board and we are supporting the newly formed Partnership Legacy Board to deliver the REC requirements.

We are working with Business Sheffield and the Diverse Business Board to share best practice, host inclusive events and promote diversity and inclusion across the city. Details and requests for support will be shared with members.

Travelmaster: Discounted Bus, Rail & Tram Tickets

TravelMaster South Yorkshire’s multi-operator public transport ticketing company are offering all chamber members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive discounted rates for bus, tram and rail tickets for travel throughout the region.

Travelmaster: Reward Overview

TravelMaster South Yorkshire’s multi-operator public transport ticketing company are offering all chamber members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive discounted rates for bus, tram and rail tickets for travel throughout the region.

There are so many great reasons to leave the car at home

  • Enjoy a less stressful journey by letting someone else do the driving
  • Don’t worry about finding a parking space
  • Help reduce congestion in towns and cities
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

If you are interested in knowing more contact the membership team (

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce: Financial Wellbeing Support Programme

Improve your team's wellbeing and productivity with Sheffield Chamber's Exclusive Financial Wellbeing Programme.

Offer Overview

Designed specifically for your employees, this service offers comprehensive tools to enhance financial health and stability - leading to reduced stress, increased productivity, and a more supported workforce.

Key benefits your team can access:

  • Fee-free mortgage advice – Get tailored advice and guidance on your buying or re-financing needs.
  • Pension services – Plan for the future with self-serve tools and strategic advice to maximise your retirement savings.
  • Personal budgeting tools – Streamline your day-to-day financial management, from tracking expenses to identifying saving opportunities.
  • Support for loans and savings - Navigate your short-term financial needs and build your savings with guidance on personal loans and savings accounts.
  • Regulated debt advice - Find strategies and resources to overcome debt and regain financial control.
  • Financial mental health support – Access a mental health support line.

Designed to improve productivity, reduce anxiety, and support a more secure workforce, this service is a free, online self-serve portal available exclusively to all members of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce.

Log in to the members hub to find out more and how to access. Alternatively contact a member of our membership team on 0114 201 8888 or

This service is delivered in partnership between:

Financial Wellbeing Partner Logos

Does this service interest you? Check out our Finance Friend Session here.