15 Top Tips for Greener Printing

23rd July 2012

Most Companies print more pages than needed simply because we can, computers, software and printers make it effortless for us to do so.

  Altodigital believe every little change can play its part and can help to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your expenditure which in the current economic climate is vital. Below are our Top Tips to help you Reduce your carbon foot print:- Avoid printing emails or drafts. Scan and distribute documents electronically. Use print preview to avoid printing mistakes. Print only the page you need, not the whole document. Use 2-sided printing. Use certified paper and recycle it (FSC or PEFC certification and the EU Flower eco-label), this preserve natural resources. Use work group printers rather than individual desktop printers to save energy. Share personal printers via Wi-Fi or Ethernet - it requires less equipment, less power and reduces waste and recycling at end of life. Print in draft mode, it uses less ink/toner and means less cartridges to be recycled. Use genuine high yield cartridges to reduce transport and waste. Set up collection and sorting of used paper and cartridges. Send used cartridges back to the dealer for recycling and environmentally responsible reuse. Return unwanted printers to their nearest dealer or municipal waste collection site. Activate the devices energy saver mode. Turn off personal printers when not in use to save energy.   FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT LOUISE HARRISON ON 0113 235 5012 OR EMAIL LEARNMORE@ALTODIGITAL.COM.  ALTERNATIVELY YOU CAN VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT  WWW.ALTODIGITAL.COM.

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