160 years of Bramall Lane captured on canvas

14th December 2015

One of the world's oldest professional sports stadiums is being celebrated in a nostalgia fuelled painting by one of Sheffield's most famous artists.

Sheffield United's Bramall Lane ground currently celebrating its 160th anniversary is epitomised in Joe Scarborough's unique style where he captures the 16 sports and varied events that have been held at the venue. The painting was unveiled at Sheffield United's Legends of the Lane museum by Joe, renowned for painting 'everyday scenes' of Sheffield life. Joe said: -The work was a challenge, but a happy challenge. What we're talking about is a field, that's all it is. But can you imagine how much that field, that acre or two of ground means to Sheffield. The aspirations, sadness and elation - all the qualities that we have in Sheffield. -There has been an enormous amount of history. It's been though wars, it's been blown on by hurricanes, it's seen some sadness of people going away to war to events such as famous cup games. -The beauty of the painting is that you can put all these events into it. We move around with cycling, then we follow on with cricket. Then, we've having boxing, Bomber Graham with his hand held high, technical knock-out I think, and of course all the other sports and activities. -Then we go international we have the Harlem Globetrotters, we've got pop concerts. Bruce Springsteen is in there on his nice pink floor and then there is the Billy Graham event. It's a field full of nostalgia when all's said and done. Club Historian and Supporter Liaison Officer John Garrett said: -This is a remarkable celebration of sporting and event history in the city. -Joe has brought to life some of the great moments from Bramall Lane's 160 years of history. How many venues or businesses in the City of Sheffield have been open and trading for 160 years? Not very many I would imagine. There will be places that have stood as long if not longer, but their occupants will have now long gone or even folded and faded. Supporters can now pre-order their own limited edition print of the painting online at www.sufcdirect.co.uk/gifts-and-souvenirs/photos-prints/2944_Joe-Scarborough-Print.html. Only 160 of the prints are being produced, priced at £160.00 each. Each print will be hand signed and numbered by Joe himself. The prints will be ready in time for Christmas and anyone who purchases the print will be contacted directly once they are available for collection.

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