6 tips for recruiting in a candidate led market

28th September 2022

A candidate led market is something that you’ll hear every good recruiter speaking about. Find out more about Jessica Canning's, from GluRecruit, 6 tips for recruiting...

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of job vacancies in February to April 2022, rose to a new record of 1,295,000, making the number of vacancies larger than the number of people unemployed.

There are now more vacancies than candidates so recruiting right, the first time, is now more crucial than ever.

Here are a few handy tips to know when recruiting in a candidate led market.

1. Recruit the best person for the job, not the one with industry knowledge

No candidate will ever tick all of your boxes. It’s important to compromise and assess what elements of the job role can be taught. In doing this, you open yourself up to a wider candidate pool, increasing the chances of finding your perfect fit.

2. There’s much more to recruitment than placing an ad

Sticking an ad out there is all well and good, but what you’ll find here is that you’ll become swamped with applications to sieve through – most of which don’t fit what you’re looking for.

Going through all of these applications and interviewing the wrong people will ultimately waste your time and resources, you’ve got to dig deeper.

3. Understand the candidate’s motivation to move

A great candidate will no doubt get a counteroffer and understanding their true motivation for moving will help when it comes to negotiations – so you’re on the winning side of the fence!

4. Make your business and opportunity stand out

When you’re in front of a candidate that impresses you, then it’s your job to impress them! Leave them with a feeling like you do when you see a house that you like, so that they’re already mentally moving in.

5. You don’t need to see lots of candidates to make a decision

If you see the right one, decide. It’s common for employers to want to see comparisons, but while you’re doing that, other employers and your competitors may not hold back on offering that candidate the job.

6. Keep the process slick and time bound

Work out when you want someone to start and set a reverse timeline, factoring in notice periods, how many interviews you want to conduct and your availability considering annual leave and others involved in the process. A candidate won’t wait around forever.

By Jessica Canning, Marketing and Communications Executive, GluRecruit

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