A Year United: Foundation Release 22/23 Impact Report

9th May 2024

Sheffield United Community Foundation are pleased to release our 2022-2023 Impact Report which highlights the delivery and impact the Foundation has made in the local community across our 25 dedicated programmes.

Chris Bailey, Head of Foundation said: 

“It is with immense pride and gratitude that we present our annual report for 2022-2023. In the face of economic uncertainties and ever-evolving challenges, our Foundation has demonstrated remarkable resilience and unwavering commitment to our community-centered mission.

Despite the volatile economic climate, we have continued to forge ahead, propelled by the progress made in recent years and the inherent adaptability of our programmes. This adaptability has allowed us to tailor our services to meet the evolving needs of our communities, ensuring that we remain committed in our pursuit of positive impact.

A cornerstone of our success has been the invaluable support and collaboration we have enjoyed with key partners, including, but not limited to, Sheffield United Football Club, The English Football League Trust and The Premier League Charitable Fund. These partnerships have been instrumental in enabling us to weather the storms of uncertainty and continue our vital work without disruption. Together, we have stood as beacons of stability and support in our city region.

In this report, you will find a comprehensive overview of our achievements, challenges, and the impact of our initiatives on the communities we serve. It is a testament to the dedication of our staff, the generosity of our supporters, and the resilience of the communities we are privileged to work with.

As we look to the future, we do so with optimism and determination. Our commitment to empowering individuals, fostering inclusivity, and building stronger communities remains as steadfast as ever. Together, we will continue to strive towards our vision of a brighter, more vibrant future for all.”

You can read our 22/23 Impact Report here.

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