Altitude writes about ‘Maximising Impact: Delivering PR on a Small Budget for Charities’

23rd October 2023

Whilst investing in PR makes sense for a lot of organisations and can act a powerful tool to enhance visibility, credibility, and public support, charities may find themselves weighing the potential benefits against the immediate of their core services.

Whilst investing in PR makes sense for a lot of organisations and can act a powerful tool to enhance visibility, credibility, and public support, charities – regularly operating within constrained budgets – may find themselves weighing the potential benefits against the immediate needs of their core programs and services.

However, from our experience, you don't need a huge budget to make a big splash. Effective PR goes beyond money, and by mixing in some strategic thinking, creativity, and a good grasp of the charity world, organisations can pull off some truly impressive outcomes.


Understanding the Charitable Landscape

At Altitude, we recognise the intricate challenges that charities face, not only from an external perspective but also from within. Our team brings a unique blend of experience – having worked on behalf of and in permanent roles within charities. This dual perspective allows us to navigate the nuances of the charitable sector.


Strategic Planning for Maximum Impact

When resources are scarce, strategic planning becomes paramount. Instead of spreading efforts thinly, we prefer to focus on targeted campaigns that align with the core mission of the charity. We identify key messages that resonate with the audience and leverage compelling storytelling to create an emotional connection.

When thinking about Return on Investment (ROI), every penny invested should generate tangible results. This doesn't just mean monetary returns but also includes increased awareness, engagement, and support.

Social ROI: Beyond the Monetary Metrics

In the digital age, the impact of PR extends beyond traditional ROI to Social Return on Investment (Social ROI). Charities often measure success not just in donations but in the social change they enable.

Social ROI encompasses the intangible yet invaluable outcomes of a campaign, such as increased community engagement, changes in public perception, and heightened awareness of social issues.

We have worked closely with charities in the past where our ROI went beyond coverage and web clicks and strategically positioned the charity in front of policy makers, fostering meaningful relationships between the charity and crucial stakeholders, and helping to increase funding.

Leveraging Creativity and Collaboration

Creativity is the currency of effective PR on a budget. So, what can you do?

You can tap into the creativity of your team and stakeholders to generate innovative campaign ideas. Or maybe collaborate with influencers, volunteers, and local communities to amplify your message without hefty financial investments.

Try to highlight success stories and the tangible impact of your charity's work.

A personal narrative creates powerful connections, compelling supporters to become advocates for your cause. Use the vast array of digital platforms to share these stories, maximising reach with minimal expenditure.


Conclusion: Making a Big Impact on a Small Budget

A small budget should not limit the potential for making a significant impact. By understanding the intricacies of the charitable sector, adopting a strategic approach, and measuring both traditional ROI and Social ROI, organisations can deliver campaigns that resonate, inspire, and bring about meaningful change.


If your charity or not for profit organisation needs help to be visible in all the right places, then Altitude can help. We have significant experience in the charity sector having supported both regional and national charities including Alexandra Rose Charity, The Green Estate CIC, Harmony Works Trust and St Luke’s – Sheffield’s Hospice.

We’ll help you develop key messages and turn them into eye catching campaigns and stories. We understand that budgets must go a long way in the charity and not for profit sector and that’s why we work closely with you to understand your priorities.

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