Aspire for a bit of Disney magic in your sales strategy

25th March 2019

Building a sales strategy what are your aspirations? So, you aspire to be the best in your field, to be a household name to the group or community you network with.

In this blog we'll take the example of, being the best filmmaker in the industry. Lets' say you wanted to make animated films in the early 1900s that was seen by millions and you decided to use CEL animation. Hopefully, by now you would have realised that we are talking about Walk Disney. Walt Disney's plan didn't fit into the model used by animation companies at the time. Instead of giving up or trying a different method he kept to his plan and worked hard to push into CEL animation because the movies would be better quality. Following on from this he formed his own company Laugh-O-Gram creating Alice's Wonderland. Laugh-O-Gram later collapsed but due to the high quality of Alice's Wonderland, he ws commissioned to make a further series. Walt created a new company that later became the Walt Disney company. The rest, as they say, is history. Learning from Walt Disney. Without Walt Disney's aspiration and a plan to sell Alice's Wonderland, animation might not be as it is today. Walt went on to lose all but a few of his animation staff and production contracts (including Oswald) to rival companies such as Universal but by knowing his audience and staying true to his belief Micky Mouse was born. -I aspire to recognise success. Having success and recognising success although they seem the same are not. We can all be successful in one way or another but if we don't have the ability to track, monitor and know when we've achieved the targets we originally set out, then we'll never know when to recognise the success we've achieved. Let's imagine setting targets on day one, now we have a clear goal to hit in a certain timeframe. We've most likely even broken down how we're going to get there. You have a plan. Now imagine not doing this, you might have said to yourself that your goal is to be successful. Without having a clear target your level of success is going to be different on day one to what it is on day thirty, which means you would never ever know what success is and end up with a forever changing goal. We help smaller businesses enjoy selling The truth is if you don't develop your sales mindset to where you're comfortable selling, then you won't keep the cash flow at the right levels. That's what I, The Sales Mindset Coach, set this business up to help you with. Together we can develop your sales skills and sales mindset so you can win the business you want to win. 

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