B. Braun joins forces with the Sepsis Trust to raise vital funds and awareness

8th April 2020

B. Braun Medical Ltd as well as its education arm Aesculap Academia have announced the Sepsis Trust as its joint charity partner of the year in a bid to fight the ‘hidden killer’ which claims more than 48,000 lives in the UK each year.

The company has pledged a substantial donation to enable the Sepsis Trust to continue its life-saving mission, whilst Aesculap Academia will be hosting a series of education sessions from its Sheffield HQ to raise awareness of sepsis.

This includes free training for medical staff on how to reduce the number of infections and identifying the warning signs of sepsis, in both adults and children, in order to treat them before it is too late.

Paul Steel, Managing Director Aesculap Academia commented: “Here at B. Braun Medical Ltd and alongside our colleagues at Aesculap Academia, we are absolutely thrilled to announce our support for the Sepsis Trust, as part of our corporate social responsibility programme.

“The charity carries out crucial work to educate the public on sepsis but there is still so much more that needs to be done to reduce the number of needless deaths and individuals left with life-changing conditions.”

Also known as blood poisoning, sepsis is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection. For reasons unknown, instead of just fighting the infection, it attacks other parts of the body.

CEO, Dr. Ron Daniels, said: “Five people die every hour from sepsis, but if identified early, treatment with antibiotics can make a massive difference and in fact save lives.

“Having an organisation with the reputation of B. Braun Medical Ltd and Aesculap Academia collaborating with us – not only to support financially but to provide crucial education workshops – will drive our mission forward.”

With its constantly growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, B. Braun continues to make a substantial contribution towards protecting and improving the health of people around the world.

Last year, B. Braun supported a range of charities. This includes being named as the longest supporting sponsor of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and donating funds to VetLife a national Veterinary charity.

For more information, visit www.bbraun.co.uk.

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