Bearhugs all round at Bluebell Wood, thanks to entrepreneur Faye

22nd February 2019

A young Sheffield entrepreneur whose business was inspired by the 'hug in a box' gift she received while suffering from Lyme Disease is now 'parcelling up the love' for young patients at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.

Kind-hearted Faye Savory's gift hamper delivery business BearHugs has sold 22,000 across the globe since launching in 2015. At its heart is the same sentiment of kindness which so moved her when a friend sent her a box of gifts through the post. -Lyme Disease had badly affected my life. I had to give up my job and was bed-bound. A delivery of little treats arrived and made me feel less alone, Faye, 29, of Walkley, recalled. -I decided that as soon as I was well enough, I would enable other people do what my friend did for me - send a great big hug through the post. From the beginning Faye ensured the business had a social purpose too. For every 50 boxes sold, Faye gives one to charity - and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice at North Anston is the latest organisation to benefit from BearHugs' caring ethos. Some 60 boxes have now been given to children and their families. -We already supported three charities and were looking for one in Sheffield to give to, explained Faye. -Several people in my team mentioned Bluebell Wood, so I arranged to visit. I was so surprised by how uplifting it felt there. I'm delighted we are supporting the hospice. BearHugs offers a range of personalised 'hug in a box' gift hampers containing comforting, uplifting, UK-made treats that can be ordered online and sent straight to a loved one's door. Faye contracted Lyme Disease in 2010 - either on a holiday in Thailand or when she started her first job in the Outer Hebrides. She had to give up her role as a speech and language therapist and return to Sheffield. Initially doctors thought she had M.E. and it was many months before she got a correct diagnosis and treatment. Emma Doughty Head of Family Support and Wellbeing at Bluebell Wood commented: -We are so grateful to BearHugs. We have been receiving ten boxes a month and families and staff nominate deserving recipients for a 'hug in a box'. -We are gifting them to family members as well as children and so far, BearHugs have thoughtfully tailored boxes for grandparents, mums and dads. Tony Critchley, of Intake, Doncaster, whose son Kian, 12, visits Bluebell Wood for respite care, said: -Kian absolutely loved opening his BearHugs parcel; his face was an absolute picture. This is is one more memory that we've been able to create. Jemma Kibble, of Rossington, was nominated for a 'hug in a box' by her husband Karl. Their six-year-old son Olly Kibble is a patient. -I was overwhelmed by the nomination. It made me feel very special and appreciated, said Jemma. "I was very emotional, opening my gift box and reading the little personalised note inside. The little gifts I received were fantastic. A lot of thought goes in to them Jack Kirsopp, 13, of Bessecar, was also nominated. His mum Victoria Lee said: -Jack received lovely gifts from BearHugs. He loves them and it really means a lot. Jack goes through so much and it's lovely for him to have a treat. He deserves the whole world and more.

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