Benchmark rallies support for the Cathedral Archer Project

19th January 2018

Benchmark rallies support from business friends to assist the homeless day centre, the Cathedral Archer Project, and provide a bike to allow one of their regular visitors a lifeline to the outside world.

The Archer Project requested a donation of a bike to help support an individual who relied on this as his only means of transport, and without it was put in a difficult personal situation.  Benchmark utilised its networks to push the request out to the Sheffield business community and this resulted a bike being donated by local Sheffield business, Dwiss and the bike was serviced by cycling shop J E James. Tracy Viner from the Archer Project said, -We have someone who has accommodation on the outskirts of the city but does not have any income to pay for transport or food and having a bike means he can come to the centre, have hot meals and see the project staff that are supporting him to make changes.  He suffers from mental health issues and the loss of his bike meant he went downhill rapidly and even thought about suicide.  When he heard about the donation, it lifted him immediately.  In his words, -it all feels better, things are happening.  I was out all day on Saturday on it. -When we initially got involved with the project we didn't realise how helping to locate a bike could quite literally be a life saver.  To know we are helping give someone a life line is very humbling and we are pleased we could offer this support though our networks to hopefully help them create a positive future. We see many people with personal issues in returning to work and are great advocates of the support services available in Sheffield, it is fantastic to see the Archer Project providing this invaluable support to homeless people. Said Rebecca Morris, Operations Manager at Benchmark. Jon Walker from Dwiss who donated the bike commented: -The bike was given to me by a neighbour. I used it to commute to work, take my kids to school and for holiday fun. To know that it's now got a new role enabling someone to live their life, and that all of this stemmed from an initial act of kindness, is very gratifying. Dwiss is ultimately about helping people have a fair chance in life.  To do this our focus is on the conservation of a healthy environment through the sustainable use of natural resources, of which recycling plays a significant part.  The dwiss is a stylish piece of kitchen furniture that makes recycling quick and easy, and in the spirit of the circular economy is itself sustainably made.  That said we'll take any opportunity to help that we can - donating a bike to someone that has made great strides in being the best they can be was a clear opportunity.  Here's to many happy, healthy and sustainable miles!

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