Businesses advised to train employees to spot signs of poor mental health whilst working remotely

29th April 2020

Companies across Sheffield are being urged to train employees to spot the warning signs of poor mental health and risk whilst working remotely.

  • Health company urges businesses to offer guidance to colleagues working in social isolation
  • Champion Health has created bespoke free online training course, but urges people to do whatever they can to support mental health wellbeing

Companies across Sheffield are being urged to train employees to spot the warning signs of poor mental health and risk whilst working remotely.

Harry Bliss, Co-founder and CEOChampion Health, a start-up created to change and save lives, is appealing to businesses to advise their colleagues on how to recognise signs of increased anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in others, as well as optimise their own mental wellbeing.

The company is offering its online mental health training programme for free and has updated it to specifically relate to the current situation. The training now includes advice and examples related to COVID-19 and social isolation and has been created using current government and NHS guidelines. GPs, health professionals and employment law specialists have also contributed to the creation of the training. The free training has been made possible through TwinklHive, the business accelerator that Champion Health is now part of, which offers investment and mentorship to new businesses.

Over 600,000 organisations have already signed up to use the training course, including 150 that have done so since the UK Government asked people to work from home wherever possible in March.

“With so many people working remotely and in social isolation, it’s inevitable that people’s mental health will be affected,” explained Harry Bliss, CEO and Co-founder of Champion Health.

“What’s very worrying is that signs of poor mental health that may have been seen are now more at risk of going unnoticed.

“We created the online training to support people to spot the signs in person as well as virtually, but we have now made sure the training reflects that most people are only seeing each other via a screen.

“The training is now free as we know it is vitally important that people prioritise their mental health and that of others during these circumstances. But I hope that businesses and people just take the time to support and address their mental health wellbeing, however they decide to do it.”

Champion Health was founded in 2018 after Harry lost a friend to suicide following an acute bout of workplace stress. Following this tragedy, Harry galvanized a team to drive positive change. The company offers Online Mental Health Training, Digital Health Assessments and In-Person Services.

It was earlier this year the start-up became part of TwinklHive, the business accelerator launched in Sheffield by the global publisher Twinkl. By providing a range of services and support, TwinklHive brings together startups set to transform people’s lives and make a difference.

Harry added; “The support from TwinklHive has been incredible and has made it possible for us to offer the training course for at least the next three months for free.

“We have had cases where this training has helped people spot warning signs and save lives, so we really urge schools, businesses and any other type of organisation to get their teams trained with the skills they need. During these unprecedented times it is important we all take care of our mental health wellbeing.”

Businesses can find out more about Champion Health and sign up their employees for the free training course at

Individuals can also complete the course by visiting and entering the code championhealth

For more information about TwinklHive please visit:

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