Calling All Businesses!

22nd May 2024

Mums In Need is seeking partnerships with businesses like yours to amplify their impact and reach more women and their children who need support.

Mums In Need (MIN), a Sheffield-based charity, shines a light on a hidden struggle: post-separation abuse. MIN are a dedicated charity that empowers women and their children who have escaped abusive relationships, but continue to face the perpetrator's controlling tactics. 

But, MIN cannot do it alone. They are seeking partnerships with businesses like yours to amplify their impact and reach more women and their children who need support.

Separation doesn't always mark the end of abuse. 

Coercive control, emotional manipulation, and threats can persist, leaving women isolated and fearful. MIN understands these complexities. 

Founded by a survivor herself, Laura Riley, the organization is built on empathy, expertise, and a fierce commitment to breaking the cycle.
We provide a lifeline beyond advice and resources. We offer a holistic approach, encompassing:

Tailored support: One-on-one casework, counselling, and legal guidance equip women with the tools to navigate complex legal issues and rebuild their lives.
Emotional well-being: Support groups and workshops foster resilience and connection, reminding women they are not alone.
Family based sessions - Designed to give parents and children a chance to strengthen their bond and leave their worries behind.

Why Partner with Mums In Need?

By joining forces with MIN, your business can:

Make a tangible difference: Your contribution will directly empower women and children to heal and thrive.
Align with your values: Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and equality.
Enhance your brand: Showcase your support for a worthy cause, attracting customers who share your values.

Together, We Can:

Imagine a future where women and children emerge from the shadows of abuse, empowered and equipped to build brighter futures. 

By partnering with Mums In Need, you become a part of that future. Together, we can break the cycle of post-separation abuse, one mother and child at a time.

Take action today:
Visit the Mums In Need website: to learn more about our work and partnership opportunities.

Donate: Every contribution, big or small, brings hope and support to women and children who need help.

Spread the word: Share this article and raise awareness about post-separation abuse and the vital work of Mums In Need.

By joining hands, we can rewrite the narrative for countless women and children, replacing fear with hope, and vulnerability with strength. Together, let's empower them to rise above abuse and build lives filled with dignity and possibility.

Interested in supporting a great cause? Contact us at for a no-obligation discussion on how you can help.

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