CCTV is MUCH more than Security

8th August 2023

When people think of CCTV, they think of Business Security. However, a modern CCTV solution can be used for a LOT more than just your business security.

CCTV Technology has evolved a lot over the past decade. Modern CCTV Solutions provide a vast variety of benefits beyond simple surveillance, such as colour night vision, person detection, facial recognition, number plate recognition, fall detection, thermal imaging and alerts, people counting and much more besides. 

With advanced fall detection technology, you can ensure swift detection and treatment, helping to avoid injury and liability. An alert can be triggered immediately upon detection, with the fall location included in the notification. Deployment is simple because our fall detection technology is built into the video management software. The deep learning algorithm ensures high accuracy of detection, and built-in evidence management lets you tag, compile, store and distribute encrypted evidence packages. 

Smart software also gives your business the opportunity to detect the movement of people including people counting and queue detection cameras. These offer a discreet and cost-effective way to gain vital business insights about your physical spaces. Precisely track your staff-to-customer ratio, generate visitor flow statistics, and analyse visitor data against marketing campaigns to prove ROI. People counting cameras can even be used to improve safety as part of a density control solution by blocking entry when the maximum allowed number of people is reached. Not only this but it gives your business the ability to improve customer experience and prevent overcrowding. This type of technology is extremely useful for retail businesses, as well as in places where queuing can cause safety issues like theatres and event spaces. 

Having the correct technology in place will also open the opportunity for marketing analytics tools by tracking customer sentiment and gather key biometric data to improve your marketing analytics. Our advanced facial recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to analyse the mood. This means you can monitor whether your customers appear happy or not to help refine your customer experience. Age, height and gender approximations can also be made to add to your data. Combine this with our people counting, queue detection and flow mapping technology, and we can offer a powerful suite of marketing analytics for marketers working in the retail, events and service industries. 

The world of CCTV technology has evolved significantly in recent years, providing a wide range of benefits for businesses. With fall detection, people counting, queue detection, and marketing analytics, CCTV technology can help improve customer experience, prevent overcrowding, and gather valuable insights to improve business operations. If you're interested in implementing any of these technologies into your CCTV system, we recommend consulting with our security professional to discuss your options. 

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