Change your Commute - A New Transport Scheme is Encouraging Everyone to Travel to Work in a Better Way

2nd October 2013

Businesses across South Yorkshire are being offered a free opportunity to make better use of their travel time, reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs and encourage more of their employees to choose healthier and more environmentally-friendly ways of travelling to work.

Inmotion! is a new project with the aim of inspiring everyone to travel in a better way. Alan Nicholson, spokesperson for the Local SustainableTransport Fund (LSTF), said: -Some employers probably don't know how their staff members travel to work; whilst at the opposite end of the spectrum, some will be fully aware of problems with a lack of parking facilities or employees arriving at work stressed after driving in the rush hour. -Recent research shows that people who use public transport arrive at work less stressed*. Not only that but walking, cycling or using public transport can help save on fuel costs, and provide a number of health benefits. -By working to help keep their staff fit and happy, employers can benefit from better motivation and morale amongst the workforce, which in turn can have a positive impact on productivity. One of the Inmotion! schemes encourages employees to give up their cars for a month in return for up to 28 days' free travel on buses, trains and trams across South Yorkshire. Already, several companies have implemented this initiative and have seen their employees making a move to reducing the number of journeys they make by car. For any employees keen on cycling to work, road skills training, maintenance training, route advice, bike repairs and free bike hire can be arranged as part of the programme. Support services are also available for those wanting to encourage or assist with walking to work, including walking incentives, walking maps and information on walking groups. For those businesses with employees who are reluctant or unable to give up their cars for work, training in ecodriving, access to discounted use of electric vehicles and driver training for younger employees can be provided. Assistance is also available to help HGV, bus and coach operators save money. One option is to join the free ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme, which can, in some cases, lead to savings of up to £2,300 in fuel costs, per vehicle. The Inmotion! team is looking to work with recruitment and employment agencies to help assist those looking for work with their travel options. The project is currently being targeted at businesses in the DonValley, Dearne Valley, Barnsley and Doncaster areas, but companies outside of these areas can be signposted to other relevant schemes. -We're really keen to hear from businesses who would like to reduce transport problems and encourage employees to come in to work happier and healthier, resulting in greater productivity and ultimately, a more enjoyable workplace, said Alan. -It really is as simple as sending us an email.We can then arrange for one of our travel choices team to go in and see them or have a chat over the phone. We can provide free materials and can arrange to go in to talk to members of staff at a convenient time, whether it's during working hours or even in a lunch break. CONTACT: The Inmotion! team at For more information visit

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