City businesses celebrate record-breaking health and wellbeing initiative

17th July 2018

Sheffield's most physically active businesses and individuals will celebrate a successful third edition of the city's annual Move More Month this Thursday (19 July).

More than six million active minutes were registered by people across Sheffield as Move More returned to the city in 2018. Hundreds of city businesses and schools, and thousands of individuals got moving in a bid to engineer exercise back into everyday life. A record number of firms more than 140 formed an unprecedented 605 teams and got to their feet for Move More's Workplace Challenge, which also featured a record 3,200 participants. More than five million active minutes were recorded in the Workplace Challenge alone. Sheffield's most active workplace, team, school, sole trader, individual, surgery and individual will be revealed at a special awards ceremony at Glide House in Attercliffe, home to wire joinery manufacturer Gripple Ltd, with sponsorship from health and wellbeing provider Westfield Health. The event will also feature guest speeches from Dr. Ollie Hart, GP at Sheffield's Sloan Medical Centre; Andrew Picken, health and wellbeing consultant; Dave Capper, interim chief executive of Westfield Health, Jennifer Roberts and Sam Cummins from B.Braun Medical Ltd, plus a guest appearance from Sandy Ryan, GB Commonwealth boxing gold medallist. Physical activity was recorded by individuals and firms via Move More's interactive app, downloadable on all smartphones. The app is also linked to a specially designed website, and tracks a person's steps and active minutes, giving each participant a total at the end of the month and a daily average. Rob Copeland, Director of Move More and the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, said: -It'll be fantastic to see the achievements of businesses, teams and individuals recognised at what is sure to be a great event. -Move More is all about making physical activity enjoyable and interactive at the end of the day if it's not fun, people won't engage. And it's safe to say Sheffield enjoyed moving more 2018, with a record number of participants, teams and organisations taking part in the Workplace Challenge. For more information visit Event: Move More Workplace Challenge Awards ceremony Where: Gripple, Glide House, Terry Street, 300 Attercliffe Common, Sheffield S9 2AG When: Thursday 19 July 2018, 5pm

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