City trailblazers seeking raw talent to fuel drive for success

8th March 2021

Three tech-powered Sheffield trailblazers are searching for potential new talent via Kickstart, the government’s new work experience scheme for young jobless.

City, one of the country’s most successful taxi firms, its app-fuelled delivery business City Grab and sister tech company Caboodleit are giving six unemployed young people the chance to get ‘a foot in the door’.

If the lucky half-dozen show the right potential during their six-month work experience placements, permanent careers will be up for grabs.

Kickstart aims to get jobless 16-24-years old receiving Universal Credit on the road to jobs.

“The pandemic has made it so difficult for young people to find jobs. We are giving them a chance to make their mark with us,” said Arnie Singh, the Sheffield entrepreneur behind the three brands.

His businesses - which employ 60 in Sheffield - are working with The Source Skills Academy at Meadowhall to recruit Kickstart applicants.

Two are needed at City Grab, Sheffield's answer to Deliveroo, which charges lower commissions and keeps all revenue in the local economy. 

The multi-delivery app platform launched in early 2020 and rocketed as demand for takeaways soared in the pandemic.

The service has now made over 200,000 deliveries and works with 376 of the city’s best-loved food outlets - from Beres the pork sandwich chain to Nonna’s - giving them a better deal than the food delivery giants.

Caboodleit, the tech company which launched City Grab, is also taking on two recruits to learn sales and project management as it sells to taxi firms nationally and creates a ‘white label’ tech product tailored for individual food, convenience and retail outlets.

Added Mr Singh: ““Those who join us at Caboodle and City Grab will be in at the start of something new and innovative.

“At City Taxis, two Kickstarters will learn from a vastly experienced team and get an insight into the work ethic needed for success. 

“Beginners may end up building a career with us or even gain the skills to contemplate setting up their own business.” 

Mr Singh is urging other SCR businesses to embrace Kickstart.

“Work experience is a long-tested method which works. Young people get the chance to gain valuable experience and prove themselves in the workplace,” he said.

“As an employer, Kickstart gives us six months of support as we train up people and ensure they are right for us.”

The government funds Kickstart placements, paying the minimum wage for 25 hours a week, N.I and pension contributions and gives businesses grants of  £1,500 to cover costs of the recruit’s set up and training.

City, Caboodle and City Grab are pledging to go the extra mile and top up hours and wages to full-time.

Said Mr Singh: “We are relying on The Source’s expertise to help us take on raw talent via Kickstart as we pursue ever-greater territories. We hope to take on more recruits in coming months.”

Dale Robinson, director of business development at The Source, said: “We are proud to support City Taxis and Caboodle, the brains behind City Grab, in their search for new talent for their growing teams.

“We have now helped over 65 employers submit applications to take over 150 Kickstart recruits.

“We believe it is crucial they gain as much knowledge as possible during their placements. Employers who choose us as their training and employment partner can retain the Kickstart grant, while we help their young recruits gain valuable qualifications and key skills.”

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