Citys Taxis - Continued commitment to supporting the local community

27th April 2021

As the region starts to move again, safety continues to be a key priority at City Taxis, so that people and businesses can travel safely with greater peace of mind.

It has been a very busy but challenging 18 months at City Taxis; whilst the usual day to day journeys declined significantly at the peak of the pandemic.City have been fortunate enough to continue supporting many of their private and public sector business customers including the NHS and Ambulance Services.

Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, City were also able to launch and develop their own delivery platform, citygrab – the local delivery solution set to rival food delivery giants such as UberEats and Deliveroo.

What started in February 2020, with 20 local restaurants has now grown to be a popular delivery choice amongst Sheffield households, with over 300 local independents offering everything from restaurant quality food and takeaways to groceries and retail items. citygrab’s ‘Love Local’ ethos, has helped to generate over £2 million for the local economy and provided a lifeline for many local businesses who were struggling to stay open during the pandemic.

Throughout May 2020, citygrab launched their ’Grab 31 Days in May’ campaign which saw the platform donate their delivery fees, for five consecutive weekends to local charities and NHS frontline staff. St Luke’s Hospice, The Children’s Hospital Charity, Weston Park Cancer Charity and Hallam FM Cash For Kids, were amongst the charities that were supported in the campaign which raised over £55,000.

City’s commitment to the community continued through to 2021, with the company pledging to volunteer £10,000 worth of journeys to Primary Care Sheffield, to support GP’s in transporting their most vulnerable patients to and from Covid vaccination sites.

Covering around 1500 journeys, the gesture ensures that local GP practices, and their vulnerable patients feel supported during a time that has been particularly challenging. Access to free return journeys aims to alleviate patient anxiety of making their own travel arrangements, use of public transport or relying on family members.

As the region starts to move again, safety continues to be a key priority at City Taxis, so that people and businesses can travel safely with greater peace of mind. Some of the measures taken include:

  • All vehicles within Sheffield have a protective screen partition installed.
  • PPE and cleaning kits provided for drivers.
  • Cashless payment options available to reduce the handling of cash (card via the app or Airpay, monthly invoicing with Business Accounts).

To further support the community as lockdown restrictions ease, City have reduced their fares on most journeys (Sheffield), in the hope that this will encourage people to begin travelling again and support local businesses as they try to get back on their feet.

With the launch of City Business and recruitment of a Client Relationship Manager, City also foresee this being a key stage in supporting their loyal Business customers as many of them reopen.

“It’s really important that customers feel safe using our services and are reassured that we are here to support them in every way we can. We understand that many companies have had to make tough changes to their businesses over the last year, so it is essential we are up to speed with adapted company travel plans, which are in line with their social distancing policies and procedures.

As more companies gear back up to face-to-face meetings, events, safe staff travel and other business journeys, I am keen to ensure we are ahead of the game and that our customers fully understand the ways in which we can support them by making their travel plans as simple and transparent as possible, in a time which has been so contrary.”

Kate Beswick, Client Relationship Manager

Those interested in finding out more about City Business or to keep up to date with City Taxis latest news, visit

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