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13th July 2022

Sheffield Food Bank Financial Campaign


At the outset of the pandemic, in April 2020,  Sheffield Business Together initiated a campaign to support 16 Sheffield foodbanks. All had faced unprecedented demand, reduced donations and were struggling to support some of the most vulnerable people in our city.

Donations to date and the impact it makes

Due to your generosity, we have managed to raise a fantastic £182,000 since the launch of the campaign (including £25k donated by SYCF from the National Emergencies Fund and £10k from the Sheffield Town Fund). This has been shared with the 26 food banks in the Sheffield Food Bank network

The Food Banks desperately need Your Help again

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, again our food banks are experiencing an increase in demand, referrals are up 200% in some cases and donations are reducing. We fully appreciate that you and your people may also be facing difficult circumstances, so we appreciate not everyone will be able to contribute. Your ongoing support is invaluable and by giving directly to the food banks your donations make an immediate and significant difference, as Rachel from Burngreave foodbank explains below.

We would not have been able to meet this level of increase in demand without the support of our donors and we are so grateful for the generous donations that we received due to the Sheffield Business Together campaign. It's easy for numbers to hide the fact that each food parcel represents a struggle by an individual or family, to put food on the table, and all the accompanying distress and hardship that accompanies this situation. The relief that is seen on some faces as they receive the food parcel tells the true meaning of these donations". 

How you can help?

Please share this appeal with your employees and your professional and private networks. We have made it super easy to donate and all the contributions go straight to the food banks. You can either donate via the GoFundme page.

Donate via GoFundMe

You can also donate by PAYPAL or cheque by visiting the food bank website: 

Scroll down to the Donate Money section. If you are paying by PAYPAL please use the above payment reference convention in the add note box.

Donate via PayPal

All donations will be shared with the 26 food banks in the network.

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