Driving community engagement through local sponsorships

10th October 2023

SMH Group is proud to be associated with three prominent sporting organisations in Sheffield and Chesterfield. These partnerships represent our commitment to active community involvement, shared values, and a vision for collective success.

Main sponsorship at Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club

Our approach to sponsorship emphasises active involvement. It's not just about financial support; we aim to add value through our expertise and experience, which is why we have taken on the main sponsorship at Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club.

James Hartley, Managing Partner at SMH Group comments:

“As a family we have always visited Abbeydale and my daughter is still part of the Hockey team, so quite often we find ourselves up there, and sat watching the cricket during the summer.

“As a company that values community engagement and support, SMH Group is proud to support a successful local team that has a long history of excellence in cricket, which has helped to produce no other than Joe Root in recent years.

“We understand the value of building strong relationships with our local community and believe that supporting Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club is an important way for us to connect with the community and contribute to its development, but also to continue to build our trust and credibility.

“We are confident that our sponsorship will help to create a positive impact, not just for the club, but for the wider community as well and are thrilled to see the SMH Group banners in pride of place in multiple locations around the cricket club. We wish them every success for the season.”

Stadium sponsorship at Chesterfield FC

SMH Group recognises the significance of a local presence in Chesterfield and have taken on the stadium sponsorship of Chesterfield FC – now known as The SMH Group Stadium.

Josh Dickens, Business Development & Marketing Manager at SMH Group comments:

“We have an office here in Chesterfield, and many of our dedicated staff members live and work in this vibrant community. Our affinity to Chesterfield FC goes beyond sponsorship; it's a genuine passion for the club and the town.

“The club's deep-rooted connections to local businesses align seamlessly with our values. We are excited to be part of a network that promotes growth and collaboration. We believe that the growth and achievements of SMH Group mirror the ambitions of Chesterfield FC. Our collaboration aims to contribute to the club's success, with lasting benefits for both the club and our brand.”

Main sponsorship at Chesterfield Golf Club

SMH Group understands that sponsorship is not just about having our name in lights. Our sponsorship of Chesterfield Golf Club allows us to actively participate in the community through events and club initiatives.

Josh comments:

“This is another Chesterfield based sponsorship that aligns the SMH Group brand with a successful local organisation in Chesterfield Golf Club. In business, the golf course is a place where a lot of networking is done, so it’s an ideal setting for us to associate business and leisure.

“We have held our annual charity golf day at Chesterfield Golf Club for the past three years, helping us raise money for our nominated charity, the South Yorkshire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, so it is an ideal setting for us to raise our game with our corporate social responsibilities as well.”


SMH Group's sponsorships with Chesterfield FC, Chesterfield Golf Club, and Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club highlight the firms dedication to community engagement, shared success, and active participation. To find out more about our values and objectives, visit www.smh.group

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