Flexible Working A Perk or a Genuine Business Benefit?

10th June 2013

For many years now some organisations have been championing 'flexible working'.

Feedback has been great with many believing it is great for the business and the employee alike. Over 4 million people in the UK take advantage of flexible, and smarter working practices. Still though many companies see 'flexible working' as a perk and a benefit that can only be offered to a few and those that do work flexibly, can they be trusted? Are they actually working when they cannot be seen? Is this your company mentality because if it is you clearly havent noticed what your competitors are doing. Technological advances mean we are currently in a new 'industrial revolution'. Technological advances have enabled working practices to change for the better. New business management approaches allowing a more flexible workforce is helping reduce cost bases and has allowed organisations to better manage their way through difficult times. And, more importantly, it will help organisations up-scale operations more easily when the upturn comes. Being able to recruit and train staff is always a major obstacle to the economy at that time, often hindering the return to prosperity. There are many benefits to flexible working, proven research (sources available upon request) have shown: Increase in bottom line profit. Increase in staff productivity. Reduction in energy and travel costs. Reduction in absenteeism. Reduction in property and related costs. Retention and attraction of skilled staff. Increase in staff morale. Most businesses have questions on flexible and smarter working Where do we start? How we start? How do we make it work for us? Whatever your role is in the business we can help you by not only sharing our Knowledge About Telecoms but by sharing our insight into some key stages of flexible and smarter working. Contact our team now on 0844 474 0004 or via enquiries@katcommunications.co.uk and we can show you how it isn't important how hard or where people work but it is what is produced and the outputs achieved that matters. Are you ready to take a journey?

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