Flood advice from Sheffield broker

27th November 2012

With the threat of localised flooding homeowners and businesses should be prepared to take preventative measures.

  So Sheffield broker IFM Insurance is providing businesses and homeowners with some advice to protect themselves against the threat and damage which flooding can cause.   David Biggs, Managing Director of IFM Insurance said, -With the threat of severe flooding across our region, businesses and homeowners should take some simple preventative measures which could make all the difference. So here is IFM's flood advice: Turn off your electricity, gas and water supplies at the mains. Disconnect appliances connected to pipes incase of movement during flooding Place valuables and important documents (like birth certificates and insurance policies) in secure plastic bags, high up out of harm's way. Move electrical items upstairs or high up. Heavy white goods like freezers should be raised on bricks. Where possible move furniture upstairs or raise on bricks. If a piece of furniture is too large to carry weigh it down so it doesn't float around and cause damage Fix flood boards to frames around windows and doors. Move your car to higher ground Move family and pets to a safe place Pack a flood kit of essentials containing copies of your home insurance, a torch and batteries, medicines, bottled water, non-perishable food items, a mobile phone and a battery-operated radio Be ready to evacuate if necessary WAIT for the emergency services. Follow their instructions. If an evacuation order is issued you MUST comply Call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for the latest information and stay tuned to local radio Contact your insurer or insurance broker and if you have your policy documentation to hand, look for an emergency/claims contact number.

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