Fragomen to Hold Immigration School for School Leavers

28th August 2020

This autumn Fragomen’s UK offices will hold an immigration school for school leavers who collected their A-Levels this month and are interested in immigration or a career in law.

Why are Fragomen holding an immigration school?

Fragomen want to help. This year has been uniquely difficult for students in the UK. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder to attend classes, there are fewer opportunities to find work experience and complications with A-Level results have created difficulties for students in circumstances completely outside of their control (although these have now been resolved).

When students go to apply for jobs, their CV will be judged on their qualifications and wider experience. The more a student can demonstrate intellectual curiosity and an interest in learning outside of school, the better. Experience of working and other extra-curricular activities are important too. Once a student is in an interview their CV needs to help the interviewer think of questions and the students answers need to help them stand out.

How could the immigration school help?

The student will be able to list their participation on their CV, an interesting line that an assessor could pick up on. At interview, the student may be able to talk about how they found out about the scheme and what they learned. There will be plenty of learning to help them answer those questions well.

The virtual school will be run over five evenings between 13 October and 10 November.  

Participants will hear about:

  • The politics of immigration – how does public opinion drive policy and how can policy drive public opinion.
  • Human rights and the immigration system – why do people seek refuge in the UK and how does the system work when they get here
  • Immigration, the economy and Brexit – will Boris Johnson’s Australian Points Based System attract the brightest and the best and how will that help us?
  • A career in law (and not just immigration law) – what is involved, what steps do you need to take and what do employers look for.  

For more information and for those interested, visit Fragomen's registration page here.

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