Fragomen’s annual immigration law school set to return this autumn.

2nd August 2021

Fragomen are a global immigration law firm with over 50 offices around the world, including London and Sheffield.

In 2020 they held their first immigration law school, primarily to help students who had struggled to secure summer work experience or were disappointed with their A-Level results. The feedback was really encouraging and they are proud to be able to repeat it again this year.

The school is for A-Level, Highers (or equivalent) and university students plus who are interested in or curious about a career in law or about the politics of immigration. People taking time out are also welcome. They don’t need to be planning to study law at this stage, indeed Fragomen hope the school will provide useful insights into other careers, for instance, government and journalism. It will be held over five consecutive Tuesday evenings from 12 October to 9 November 2021 and participants will hear about:

  • A career in law, in particular, immigration law – what happens day-to-day, the people you could help, what you can learn and what employers look for when they recruit. 
  • The business of immigration law – Fragomen employ lots of great lawyers but an organisation like theirs is made up of a variety of different roles. They will look at the different jobs people do and the skills needed to take on these jobs. They will talk about the importance of product development, marketing, the media, leadership and helping vulnerable groups.
  • The politics of immigration – how public opinion drives policy and how policy can drive public opinion. Fragomen will approach this in three ways: MPs from different political parties will talk about how immigration is approached in Parliament; three national journalists will talk about how they scrutinise and report on the law and government; and three well-established Home Office civil servants will talk about how they develop and execute policies for the government of the day.
  • Human rights and the immigration system – experts from Barristers’ Chambers and charities will talk about why people seek refuge in the UK and how the immigration system works when they arrive here.
  • Immigration, the economy and Brexit – a high profile academic will explain the economics of immigration, and how Boris Johnson’s Australian Points Based System could variously help or hinder economic growth in the UK.
  • Getting a job in law – this will be a theme throughout the school and will not be limited to careers in law. All speakers will be asked how they got their own job whether as a solicitor, barrister, MP, journalist, civil servant, journalist, academic or charity leader.

Fragomen are looking forward to welcoming their next cohort to the 2021 school. The graduate market is always tough, so the more interesting a cv is, the better placed an applicant is when it comes to applying for jobs. Fragomen hope that attending the immigration school will be a great talking point at interview and be useful for students who may find there are fewer opportunities for placements this year. They also hope it helps students learn about a range of interesting careers and how they could take a first step towards them.

Anybody who is interested can check out Fragomen's registration page here, for more information.

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