Free cycle parking offer increased!

9th May 2013

Do need bicycle parking?  The ParkThatBike project is offering Sheffield-based businesses and voluntary sector groups free bike racks.

Various products are on offer.  As well as conventional bike stands you can heart-shaped stands or wall-mounted rails. There is also the wonderful PlantLock  a combined planter and bike rack that's very eco-friendly!  They add a welcome splash of greenery as well as providing secure cycle parking. Wall-mounted rails and PlantLocks also have the advantage of being quick, easy and cheap to install with no digging or disruption something that is often an issue for organisations based in rented properties. You can see what's available and apply on-line:   Alternatively, phone 01594 564 344 and ask for an application form. Click here for application form. Secure parking makes cycling easier and more convenient for your staff and visitors.  It helps to tackle the problem of cycle theft and keeps workplaces safe and tidy.  Plus, by encouraging cycling, you're also doing your bit for the environment, cutting CO2 and helping reduce traffic congestion. The various types of cycle parking are pictured below:   Up to 2 Sheffield-type cycle stands free of charge. The classic cycle stand favoured by most cyclists.Cyclists simply lean their bikes either side and then lock up using a D-lock or cable lock. Each stand holds two bikes neatly and securely. A heart shaped cycle stand free of charge.These stands are perfect for fitness centres and other places where the focus is on health and physical activity. All bikes deserve a little love! This stylish and eye-catching alternative to the regular Sheffield stand (above) makes a powerful statement. Up to 2 wall-mounted rails free of charge In places where there is insufficient space to fit stands in the ground, or where the property owner controls the building but not the land around it (shops with no frontage for example) wall mounted cycle parking is the solution.   A PlantLock free of charge Safe and tidy bike storage for two bikes. Cyclists lock up to the rails either side. The tub, once filled with soil, can be planted with flowers, herbs or even salad crops!   Once filled, it weighs 70-plus kilos and is very difficult to move. For added security it can be bolted to the ground through the drainage holes.  

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