How can Customs Compliance Audits help your business?

5th October 2021

As an importer or exporter of record, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when moving your goods through customs controls.

At The Sheffield International Trade Centre, we have conducted compliance audits on 100’s of companies in the UK and in our experience, there is a lack of understanding exactly what is required to achieve a low-risk score on the HMRC Risk Register.

This has become even more apparent since the end of the UK/EU transition agreement on 1st January 2021 when the circa 170,000 companies in the UK who only had international dealings with the European Union had to follow customs procedures for the first time. 

This however is not just an issue with traders who import and export only within the EU.

This is a very important part of your international trade dealings, and we believe that UK and EU customs authorities will be exercising compliance rules more vigorously following the end of easements from 1/1/22.

Our compliance audits are bespoke and relate to your companies’ specific international trade dealings. They are designed to clearly explain the key issues, help you understand what your responsibilities are and more importantly why. We will set your company up for 100% compliance and a low-risk assessment.

During the audit, we will always be looking out for specific customs authorisations that could be implemented to save your company £’000’s.

Check out what some of our customers say:

  • "From the start, the process was tailored specifically to our business and the products we import and export."
  • "We were able to ask questions that we haven’t had honest and complete answers about before from other companies."
  • "The Sheffield International Trade Centre has the experience and knowledge to provide specific and coherent advice whilst also breaking it down for everyone to understand."
  • "I would recommend this to anyone facing challenges with the export/import process in their business."
  • "The audit will help you and your staff members understand how changes to legislation and rules brought about by Brexit will affect your business specifically."
  • "Thanks to your colleagues at the Chamber of Commerce. The audit was very informative with good recommendations, We will be implementing the internal management spreadsheets and was able to resolve our VAT issues."

For more information, please contact the audit team on 0114 2132991.

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