How do you know your people feel safe returning to work?

26th May 2020

Insight6 have been actively planning and brainstorming ways in which we can help, support, and add value to our team and you/your customers.

It continues to be a strange time for everyone and the trials and tribulations of social distancing go on. Behind the scenes, we have been actively planning and brainstorming ways in which we can help, support, and add value to our team and you/your customers.

We recently offered a free team survey which showed the team you care and also provide you with the insight to understand what your team currently think and feel.

But what about returning to work? How can you and your team ensure it is safe for all parties? We have a new COVID19 Team Safety Checker to help you understand not only how your team feels but to look to enable a safe return to work.

Our system will allow you to:

  1. Receive feedback from a team member on a daily basis, or a schedule of your choice.
  2. You will be able to identify exactly what the risk is by asking how safe they feel and why they feel that way.
  3. You will have peace of mind and evidence that you are caring for your team

For the price of £150+VAT we will create your ‘Staying Safe’ system and gather feedback from your team for the next three months. The next steps to get started are very simple:

Contact Michelle Rust on either; or phone me on 07901 547595 and we can discuss how to progress.

We will then build your system and contact you within 48 hours with a link to login and view your results.

We look forward to re-launching your business out of the pandemic with you.


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