How to Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Trade Rules and Procedures

16th June 2022

For this week’s blog, I would like to focus on the excellent work Sheffield International Trade Centre, with ChamberCustoms™, is doing to help traders across the country to get to grips with the continually changing procedures and rules.

As customs procedures become digitally connected, the old methods are rapidly being replaced by the new. The cocktail of regulation and system changes may expose a vulnerability in companies, which can lead to expensive and sometimes debilitating penalties from customs authorities.

In previous blogs we have discussed the increasing need for customs compliance, read here.

Our International Trade Facilitator, Yulia Briscoe, discussed how customs procedures will work when the new CDS systems kicks in for imports on 30th September and exports on 31st March 2023. Read here.

To make life easy for trading businesses like yours; The Sheffield International Trade Centre offers two Customs Clearance Services:


If you choose Fast Track Customs Clearance, we can help you with port clearance of your customs declarations and transit documents.

We’ll give you direct access to our system through our Exabler portal.

All you need to do is upload a spreadsheet of commodity codes and associated data for fast entry and clearance.

We will operate as your specialist agent when dealing with customs with our HMRC compliant Customs Clearance Services. 


Assisted Customs Clearance means we’ll do it all for you.

Once you’ve provided us with your commercial invoice, packing list and any other supporting documents, we will file your customs declarations directly into HMRC.

We’ll follow your written instructions and file your declarations through our HMRC approved software.

The Sheffield International Trade Centre provide efficient and compliant services with a friendly team who work smart and fast with your best interests in mind.

You stay in control - with Access to our Exabler Portal to file your declarations.

We’ll check your entry for HMRC compliance, claim your cargo, send your entry directly to HMRC and confirm once your goods have been cleared at the port.

You will be working with our fully trained and experienced customs brokers, YuliaElliot and Rachael and the wider team of Nicola, Yvonne and myself, Nick, who will build a really close working relationship with you to assist with your compliance and customs procedure questions.

This video outlines ChamberCustoms Customs Clearance services for UK businesses trading Internationally.

To chat about how we can help with all your international trade responsibilities please call 0114 213 2991 or email

By Nick Patrick, Head of Sheffield International Trade Centre

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