Introducing BIDBI (Bag It Don't Bin)

8th September 2021

BIDBI are a textile printer that specialises in printing on sustainably sourced bags, accessories and homewares using environmentally friendly print methods.

Who are BIDBI?

At BIDBI they make and print branded cotton canvas bags as an eco-friendly, fairly traded alternative to plastic carrier bags. High-quality bags and award-winning customer service are at the forefront of everything they do to help you strengthen your brand’s identity. Our 100 natural cotton bags act as a sustainable marketing tool or ethical accessory for your business or event.

For over 10 years BIDBI have been at the forefront of manufacturing and printing reusable cotton bags. Working with over 30,000 clients around the world ranging from local farm shops, design agencies and premium brands providing bags that will impress your clients or customers. They pride themselves on delivering high quality printed products with industry-leading and expert customer service. 

Why are our totes an effective marketing tool?  

Advertising Longevity 

Once you have your branded tote bags, your distribution strategy, either through giveaways, POS, or gifting, will generate a profitable return on your investment. Given that your tote bags will effectively be acting as mobile advertising boards, the attention they can draw in terms of branding is huge. So considering the best possible way to maximise exposure for your business through them is essential. 

Showcase Your Environmental Responsibility 

At BIDBI their passion is print and they love working with customers to create cotton bags that promote your business and reflect your values as a brand. Their entire infrastructure is based on our desire to present businesses with a way to market themselves in an eco-friendly way. Correspondingly, our commitment to environmental responsibility is unquestionably the key value that runs through the core of our company. On our premises, BIDBI can custom-make bags using either organic or 100 Fairtrade Certified cotton. So when you have your order you can proudly evidence your eco-friendly commitment as a business.  

Then, when people ultimately use your totes, they’re likely to do so instead of using wasteful plastic bags – the harmful footprint of which can be felt for decades.  

Great Option for a Giveaway  

A common way in which our clients tend to utilise our printed tote bags is through giveaways. The relatively low initial outlay made on such an investment could easily be outweighed by the positive effects you’ll feel further down the line as a result of such generosity. 

Firstly, everyone loves a freebie. It’s an immediate positive for your brand image. In addition, think about how many people could see your bags once they’re being used by those receiving them. 

BIDBI’s Sustainable Commitment  

From their eco-print factory in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, BIDBI continually aims at reducing our environmental impact, throughout their whole supply chain. This process undergoes rigorous checks by external auditors to ensure their impact on the environment remains as low as possible. Some main practices that BIDBI follow are:

  • minimising the use of raw materials in the factory and office.
  • transporting bags to their factory using sustainable transport and consolidating orders.
  • Additionally, as a Zero Waste to Landfill business, BIDBI prioritise the reduction of waste, followed by re-use, recycling and where there is no alternative.

It’s important to mention that BIDBI are a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved processing facility. GOTS is the leading worldwide textile processing standard. To become GOTS certified, a company must; use at least 70% organic fibres in their products, ensure that all chemicals used, like dyes, meet their low toxicology criteria, water treatment plants must be put in place and other social criteria that must also be met. BIDBI is one of the only GOTS certified textile printing companies in the UK.

Their bags are made of 100% natural materials only and are printed at their Sheffield factory, as well as being GOTS and Fairtrade certified, BIDBI specialise in environmentally-friendly production methods, therefore they only use ISO 14001 inks, and have dedicated recycling bins. Operating sustainably is of high importance to them, they are continually working on and improving their environmental impact within the community and on a wider scale.

BIDBI's Products  

With great choices available throughout their ranges, you can choose the style of bag best matched to your business. With cotton totes and biodegradable Jutes to select from – as well as their new Denim collection – BIDBI have products to suit all occasions. They also stock oversized bags for those looking for extra capacity. 

In terms of printing, no matter the logo or artwork you’re looking to raise the exposure of, BIDBI's team will always ensure that any orders are completed to the highest standard. Printing options include 1-4 colours, as well as full-colour digital. You can also buy blank cotton tote bags from them. 

There’s a cotton bag to suit every need, whether it’s a promotional tote bag for an event, a drawstring bag to be used as product packaging, or jute bags that are ideal for storing food and drink. BIDBI also stock aprons, t-shirts and tea towels as part of their homewares range. Their products are expertly printed in the UK using environmentally friendly materials and their products are sourced from a sustainable supply chain that doesn't compromise the welfare of its workers.   

BIDBI can also create completely custom cotton bags from scratch using their bespoke service. Working closely with their global partners they can help you create a unique, premium product for your business or brand with a huge amount of fabric, finishing and printing options available. If you have an idea for a bespoke project, get in touch to discuss your requirements and let BIDBI help you develop your ideas into a finished product that matches your brand. 

Over the years at BIDBI, they’ve had the pleasure of working with a truly diverse range of businesses. These have included local start-ups, UK-renowned artists and a selection of the world’s leading fashion retailers. As a result, they’re entirely comfortable adapting their services to the requirements of any individual or company. In all cases, their standards always remain impeccable. 


Lucy Love This – Illustrator  

"It was really important to us to find a supplier that was able to re-produce our intricate designs to the quality that we require. BIDBI have done a wonderful job at producing bags that are true to the LucyLovesThis prints.  

I also really value BIDBI’s ethical commitments, we try to ensure that everything we put out into the world is sustainably produced. The fact the BIDBI bags are made 100 from Fairtrade and Organic cotton means that our customers can be sure the bags they are buying are both great quality and ethically produced."

University of Sheffield  

"We were kept in the loop throughout the whole process of ordering and when the bags arrived they were fantastic quality. 

Great quality bags and fantastic service."

Central Saint Martins College  

"Lovely bags and customer service. Very impressed with the quality, and the students love them!"

Interested? Get in Touch! 

If you think BIDBI's tote bags are something that could work for your business, then the team are always on hand to field any queries that you may have. You can speak to one of their experts today on 0114 2721201. Alternatively, use the form on our homepage to get a quote:

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