Investing in Health and Wellbeing

29th August 2023

As the Government urges employers to do more to keep workers healthy, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce is investing in wellbeing services for its staff, members, and the regional business community.

Sheffield Chamber has partnered with wellbeing provider Betterminds to deliver training and support for its employees.

The Sheffield based business, which operates across the UK, will also deliver health and wellbeing training sessions for Chamber members. These sessions are designed to support individual’s physical, financial, and mental wellbeing.

It comes as the Government launches a consultation on Occupational Health to assist more employees in getting the support to access vital mental and physical health services at work.

Louisa Harrison-Walker, Chief Executive at Sheffield Chamber, said:

“Healthy businesses need healthy employees and we’re committed to helping both our own workers, and those in businesses across the city, access the very best training, tools and resources.”

Betterminds founder Dave Kneeshaw added:

“Regardless of the industry you work in, a demanding workload or a change in circumstances can cause a pressure pot of emotions.

“In 2022, 17 million working days were lost to stress in the UK. Businesses can equip employers with the tools needed to recognise stress and stop it in its tracks.

“I’m really pleased to form a new partnership with Sheffield Chamber and work together towards building a healthier, more resilient workforce across Sheffield. A healthier workforce can help to grow the economy, tackle inactivity by improving productivity, and can prevent health-related job losses.”

Sheffield Chamber has also welcomed Sheffield United Community Foundation as a new Patron, and sponsor of its Health and Wellbeing Consortium.

The consortium aims to deliver a programme of work that positively impacts and improves the physical, financial, and mental health and wellbeing of the working-age population.

Chris Bailey, Head of Sheffield United Community Foundation, said:

‘We hope that the consortium will be a place where, by sharing tools, data, and communications, we can help educate and aid employers in supporting their employees to better the wellbeing of the people and businesses in Sheffield.

“We want to be able to map challenges and barriers to engagement, as well as highlight gaps in services and provision, to work together as a collective to overcome them.”

By measuring the baseline of current data, the consortium will be able to review progress, ensuring that their programme of work meets clear short-, medium-, and long-term goals which will make an impact in the region.

Sheffield Chamber’s vision is to make Sheffield the best place in the UK to start, grow and run a successful and sustainable business.

Louisa Harrison-Walker added:

“To achieve our vision and to supercharge our regional economy we need healthy workers, higher productivity, and higher retention levels.

“We can only do this if we look after our workforce, both employees and employers. Our investment in partnerships with organisations like Betterminds and Sheffield United Community Foundation only serves to underpin our commitment to improved health and wellbeing across the region.”

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