Investment in a new Engineering Facility - University of Sheffield

3rd December 2012

Dear Member, I wanted you all to get the opportunity to view the latest pod cast from the University of Sheffield regarding their massive investment in a new Engineering Facility on the site of the old Jessop Hospital.

The link to use is: Click Here We are aware of the issues the investment raises with respect to the demolition of the remaining rear wing of the Jessop Hospital but the pod cast clearly addresses these issues. We have supported the investment on the basis that the University has already spent an enormous amount of money refurbishing the front (and significant) bit of the old hospital, that this investment clearly transforms the university (and hence the city) into the foremost engineering research facility in the UK, and because the economic case is substantial. The application is currently in planning and we are hoping members will make their thoughts known to the planning department, whether they be supportive or not, because we think it is right that your voices are heard. It is important that the opinion of the business sector is heard. Talking to a number of you the majority are clearly in favour but nothing should be taken for granted. People can either add their comments directly online on the City Council's website or they can write to the Head of Planning, Development Services, Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2SH Here is the direct link to the planning application, ref 12/02873/FUL - Click Here Before you can make a comment, you have to register on the site but it only takes a few minutes. Best Wishes Richard Wright Executive Director

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