IPM Group Leads the Way in Virus Protection

9th December 2020

IPM Group have a long-established reputation of being at the forefront of innovation. Their tag line of ‘Evolving as Standard’ sums up their ambition and drive to be the very best in their field.

When the UK wide lockdown hit back in March, most other companies in their industry were taking stock of the situation and operating day-by-day. Whereas IPM Group looked to the future. As well as continuing to protect the nations businesses and homes through their various security services, IPM brought two new revolutionary products to the market.

Firstly, from an idea that was first conceived many months previously but now was very much at the forefront of everyone’s mind, came inteliPod – the world’s first 100% touchless access control unit with built in facial recognition, temperature screening and cross-contamination technology. Due to the very real threats we now face, inteliPod is set to change the future of access control for the construction industry. Keeping workers, suppliers and visitors safe, whilst keeping the construction sector open, protecting jobs and the economy.

inteliPod comes complete with its own CCTV, Intercom system and stand-alone network, delivered to any site ready for use once powered. Monitoring and virtual management of the inteliPod can be performed by IPM’s 24/7 market leading control centre which offers a huge reduction in staffing costs.

Not content with one ground-breaking new product, IPM also released a radical new cleaning agent to the market – Naturama. This revolutionary new product is made entirely from natural plant extracts and minerals, has zero alcohol or toxins, is water-based but most importantly, it is clinically proven to kill at least 99.99% of all known viruses and bacteria, including envelope viruses such as Coronavirus. Naturama creates a long-lasting protective barrier, ultimately saving customers’ time and money.

Naturama’s multi-purpose properties means it can be sprayed, wiped, fogged and misted onto any surface, so it’s ideal for any environment. Naturama All Purpose Cleaning Agent provides safe, powerful cleaning everyone can confidently use to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, without harming the environment or ourselves.

Combining IPM’s years of experience with the latest innovations in cleaning technology, IPM also offer Contract Cleaning services.

Through extensive customer research, IPM Group found that many business owners were left disappointed with relying on their own staff to clean or with the cleaning company that they had in place. This is where IPM are different, as they genuinely care about your business and how it is preserved. What’s more, as part of their new initiative, IPM are offering a free cleaning assessment to all Sheffield Chamber of Commerce members. They will visit your business and conduct a thorough assessment, looking at what your main areas of concern are, what are the most active touchpoints, if the cleaning products you are currently using could be doing more, and they’ll perform an ATP test to see how much bacteria the product leaves behind. All this absolutely free of charge.

As Asha Northway, IPM’s Contract Cleaning Business Development Manager puts it:

“Cleanliness isn't just how things look on the surface, it's essential for a clean and hygienic workplace that all areas are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and protected. This is even more important for high volume touchpoints and areas that are hard to reach. By letting us perform an ATP Test, you can see for yourself how clean things really are, regardless of how they look.”

Using Naturama, the all-natural and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, that is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses – including envelope viruses, of which Coronavirus is one. It is made from just plant and mineral extracts, no alcohol, no bleach, no toxins or chemicals – so you can be sure your business is in safe hands. And on top of this, it continues to kill long after use too, protecting your staff, customers and ultimately your business.

As IPM continue to grow and innovate, inteliPod and Naturama are going to be huge for the company as they move into 2021. Regardless of the current situation, it is set to be a very exciting year.

IPM continue to work closely with the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and help deliver positive change across the region. As a company we have seen a growth over the year and look forward to embarking on chapter two of “A new normal” in 2021.

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