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1st September 2021

Network 24/7 is a new online platform that was developed to help business owners to connect and collaborate with others from the comfort of their own desks.

Following a successful trial period earlier this year, the platform is now providing a unique opportunity for Chamber members to trial it for themselves.

Registration for Network 24/7 is completely free of charge and its unique concept of being able to spend time getting to know business owners without time limits, and at any time is proving to be a hit with users of the platform.

Over 300 businesses from across South Yorkshire have already signed up to the platform and taking advantage of the many features available through the platform – from hosting private events and group chats to one-to-one meetings – the platform is packed with useful features, designed to making virtual networking a simple, hassle-free process. 

An important part of the evolution of Network 24/7 has been the experience of user feedback and following successful trials earlier this year, many core features of the platform have been redeveloped, to provide a simple, intuitive way of using the platform.

New features introduced includes the option for members to create private rooms, group chats and one-to-one meetings, as well as hosting two dedicated power hours where members come together each day at 10:00am and 4:00pm.

Developed by accountant-turned-tech entrepreneur Ednan Karim, the platform was designed to support businesses of all sizes, and whether you’re a seasoned networking aficionado, or a relative newcomer, the powerful platform is already proving to be popular, attracting users not only from across South Yorkshire, but across the UK.

Ednan hit on the idea of developing a 24-hour networking platform after becoming frustrated with short-format business networking events, which typically rely on short introductions, before moving on to meet others:

“Having attended a number of virtual networking sessions, I realised there were often two fundamental problems: It can be difficult to really get to know a person within a few minutes, but the real problem for some business owners was simply taking time out of their day to take part in the sessions. I wanted to change that, and wanted to find a flexible service, capable of allowing business owners to enjoy networking at times which suited their busy working days.

“I began researching the different ways in which virtual networking platforms operate but couldn’t find anything on the market which addressed the problems I wanted to solve, so I began developing my own ideas. The result was Network 24/7 and judging by the numbers of active users enjoying the platform on a daily basis, it’s clear that I wasn’t alone!”.

According to Ednan, networking is about building meaningful connections, and with no time limits to the sessions, users can spend as much or as little time on the platform:

“There’s a common misconception that networking is all about trying to get around a room as quickly as possible and focussing on the hard sell. However, that approach rarely pays off. Networking is about building relationships and that’s why the Networking 24/7 platform was designed with one-to-one conversations in mind.

“For some business owners attending a physical networking event during standard business hours simply isn’t an option. I began looking at ways in which I could help businesses to enjoy all the benefits associated with taking part in a traditional networking event from the comfort of their own desk. Since we first began trialling the platform earlier this summer, it’s proved to be a very popular concept. We’ve listened to feedback from users and as a result, created a powerful, flexible and intuitive platform which I feel confident will help business owners to seize new opportunities by making meaningful connections.”

How does Network 24/7 work?

The concept of Network 24/7 is a fiendishly simple one. Designed to replicate the format of traditional face-to-face networking events, users have the option of speaking to fellow members on a one-to-one basis or take part in larger group conversations.

However, unlike traditional networking sessions, there are no time limits, with members being able to use the platform at any time they wish.

To get started, simply register on the platform visiting: After completing the short registration process, the platform can be accessed.

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