Join the Home Run and keep the St Luke’s Community team on the road

26th February 2021

The St Luke’s Hospice Community Nurses each travel an average 13 miles every two days to reach patients and provide support to families in homes across Sheffield.

The St Luke’s Hospice Community Nurses each travel an average 13 miles every two days to reach patients and provide support to families in homes across Sheffield.

And that’s exactly the distance St Luke’s is asking friends and supporters to replicate in Home Run, the charity’s new March virtual fundraising event.

The challenge is simple - just run 13 miles this March and help raise vital funds to help St Luke’s continue caring for hundreds of people across Sheffield, in their own homes.

Regular runners might go the full distance in one run, others might spread the distance over a few days with shorter runs or even walks - the ideal event for people of all ages and all abilities.

However the challenge is completed though, the sponsorship money raised will make a huge difference to people across Sheffield who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

“We’ve all been spending more time at home recently and this has led many people to discover a new love of running,” said St Luke’s Head of Fundraising Joasia Lesniak.

“So take on our Home Run this March to have some fun, set yourself a goal and raise much needed money for our patient care.

“For many of our patients, home is where they want to be cared for as it provides familiarity, comfort and reassurance.

“Our care reaches people across the city, allowing us to give specialist palliative and end of life care to people in their own homes.

“The difference our community care makes can be anything from helping with pain relief and stabilising medications to delivering tailored food parcels and helping patients to build their strength and feel as well as possible, to help them enjoy precious time with family and friends. 

“All of our care and support is without charge to those who need it but with government funding covering just 25 per cent of our running costs, we rely on sponsorship money from events like the Home Run to help us raise the remaining £7.5million needed each year.”

The aim is that runners will plot their own routes, set their own schedules - following all current government Coronavirus social distancing guidelines - and have completed the challenge by 31 March.

“So get running!” said Joasia. “ Complete the challenge, get all your sponsorship money collected, then sit back and wait for your medal!”

For full details of how to join the St Luke’s Home Run visit

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