Local Broker Advice to Combat Tool Theft from Vehicles

13th January 2017

Sheffield broker IFM Insurance is reporting an increase in tool theft from their vehicles of its clients.

   Sadly for many victims this could mean threatening or losing their livelihood. So IFM is offering the following top tips to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of light fingered tool thieves: 
If you have to leave items in your van, whether on the job or parked up for the night, make sure it's as secure as possible.  Park in a garage or well-lit area. Many thieves are opportunistic, so if you have tools inside, keep them out of sight in a boot, locked in a secure storage container or chained to the chassis. Installing an alarm and immobiliser can also put off criminals. 
  when locking up with a key fob or any other electronic system, remember to double check the doors are secured. Some criminals use jamming devices to block the signal, leaving your vehicle open and exposed. Thieves can be deterred or caught by clearly marking your tools, which makes them harder to sell on.  High-tech solutions like DataTag, SmartWater or SelectaDNA can also be used to mark some of your more expensive tools, and a GPS tracker in your tool box can help police track thieves. If you register your tools with national property register Immobilise, any recovered items will be returned. The final, and most important, safeguard against tool theft is insurance. Every claim is different and is dependent on its own set of circumstances, but you should always keep a list of every item you own, complete with photos and serial numbers, and make sure they're all covered by your insurance policy in the event of a robbery. Make sure to comply with any conditions imposed some policies have a -no overnight, unless vehicle is in a locked compound. John Leigh, Director at IFM Insurance said: Tools left in vehicles provide an easy target for light-fingered thieves.  Many tools have a significant sell on value so thieves need to be deterred as much as possible otherwise your livelihood could be threatened.  Implementing a few simple steps will go a long way to keeping your tools safe and business on track

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