Marketing Improvements and Timing

6th September 2016

Before 2015, Tufcot never had a Marketing department.

Managing Director, Greg Majchrzak made an executive decision to start a Marketing Budget and a well-controlled Marketing Plan for 2015. In the years preceding 2015, Tufcot was inefficient and was going through a transition stage from a smaller 15,000 square feet factory to a 35,000 square feet factory, as seen today. Improvements in the production department, the manufacturing department and, in general, a more efficient Company as a whole allowed Tufcot to progress with a targeted Marketing Plan and Budget. Since 2015, Tufcot has: Published adverts in recognised composite, manufacturing and engineering magazines. Exhibited at trade shows, not previously done for 25 years prior to 2015. Joined recognised organisations in our specialist fields (Composites UK, Made in Sheffield, Chamber of Commerce etc). Gained market specific approvals (Lloyds Marine, Knorr Bremse Rail) Gained brand awareness via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linked In). Created Official Distributor and Preferred Partner agreements with key customers. Drastically improved our online presence in the form of our newly developed website which involves the audience with a Company video, professional pictures and constantly updated website articles. Created advertising media (new product brochures, Tufcot t-shirts, bags, pens). Greg Majchrzak, MD, states: -2015 was the right time to implement plans I had been considering since starting this role over 5 years ago. Marketing is all about the correct timing. If we had marketed prior to 2015, this would have been unorganised, ineffective and could have given a negative image to the Company. The time was right when our Production Department was efficient, our on-time deliveries were over 97% and our Company was re-branded to give a new, fresh image to back up the high quality performance of our materials and products in the various market sectors we operate in.

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