Mechan Seals Three Crane Deal with UK Manufacturer

6th November 2012

Sheffield-based heavy lifting specialist, Mechan, is benefiting from the support of a fellow British manufacturer who has ordered three of the firm's cranes in less than a year.

After purchasing two of Mechan's lightweight jib cranes for its UK base in Cheshire, Proseal requested another column mounted unit just five months later. Proseal's first order was delivered in February and comprised a 250kg Mechan jib crane with hoist to load and unload its machining centres, along with a 125kg unit for use in its mould and tool workshop. Following the successful installation of this equipment, the manufacturer of food tray sealing machines added a second 250kg crane to its production facility. Mechan's lifting equipment came to Proseal's attention following an internet search for British crane manufacturers. Supply chain manager, Colin Fraser, said: -We have been extremely impressed with the firm's professionalism, customer service and the quality of its products. When the first order was delivered, Mechan's engineers simply got on with the installation without disrupting our day to day operations. In fact, we hardly knew they were there, which is the way we like it! Proseal is a global producer of the packaging machines used by food manufacturing companies to seal sandwich containers, fruit and vegetable packs, ready meals and other products packaged in plastic trays for high profile clients such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury's. Richard Carr, Mechan's managing director, added: -Whilst an increasing proportion of our new business comes from overseas, it is still very gratifying to strike up such an excellent relationship with another UK manufacturer. Proseal needs reliable, durable equipment to ensure the smooth running of its own production processes and we believe they have found that in Mechan's cranes. We were able to deliver the second order they placed in a short timescale and we are relatively close at hand when maintenance and support is required. Mechan produces a wide range of lifting equipment from small, mobile units to large capacity bespoke cranes for use in hazardous environments. For further information telephone (0114) 257 0563 or visit

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