Member Profile - 3ab Languages

7th April 2021

Teresa Bamforth from 3ab Languages gives us an overview of her company and how she can help businesses to effectively communicate with overseas clients.

Hi! ¡Hola! Ciao!

I’m Teresa Bamforth and 3ab Languages is my languages tutoring company. I’m a native Spanish speaker, also fluent in English and Italian: I tutor in all three languages.

I have been teaching for 11 years now and I love it! For a chatty person like me, what job could be better than to speak to people and to get paid for it?

I absolutely love learning languages and helping others to learn is my passion.

I am very lucky that I had already been doing some teaching over the phone and via the internet before the pandemic struck, so I knew how to quickly adapt my business to the new normal. I’m still teaching the same people, from the same place, except that instead of having my students in the room with me I now see them on Zoom.

I am surprised by how easy the change has been - it even has some advantages too! Because I touch-type, I can easily type new vocabulary which comes up during our lesson into an online doc so that students can be reading it as we speak.

I’ll tell you a bit about my lessons:

  • I tailor each lesson to the students’ language level and needs. I teach people of all ages and abilities.
  • We work at a speed that suits the student’s needs and to a timetable that fits in with their lives.
  • My students range from adults (of diverse language abilities) to GCSE and A level students and also younger children.
  • I love the variety that this brings to my day-to-day working life.

I have been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for a couple of years. I want to reach out to other businesses who may need to improve their language skills in order to effectively communicate with overseas clients or trading partners. I am also happy to help with non-business needs: perhaps you have younger family members struggling with GCSEs or A level exams, or you may simply want to learn because Spain or Italy are favourite holiday destinations!

As a chamber member, I believe that we’re all stronger when we’re together. I want to do my part in supporting our local business network. I have enjoyed meeting many fellow members of the Chamber, and look forward to seeing many more of you in the future (whether virtually or in person).

Please feel free to reach out to me, whether for language lessons or networking! My website is

Special offers for chamber of commerce members: 20% off the first lesson. If you book and pay for 5 lessons in advance, I'll give you one free!

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