Member Profile - Dave Kneeshaw Betterminds

31st March 2021

Corporate trainer, coach, leadership and team-communication, motivation and wellbeing specialist.

Running a business can be one of the loneliest lifestyles that people adopt and yet one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life. Dave has been helping business owners navigate between those to spaces for a long time and continue to find new rewards and new challenges with every client. He created Betterminds to deliver training and workshops for business owners and their teams to deal with all the challenges that comes with leadership.

He set out as a Sheffield therapist, working local and began using tech to work globally almost a decade ago now; he remain involved in helping our most vulnerable people in society. He has worked in schools, psychiatric units, prisons and rehabs and where he developed the tools to persuade, motivate and create rapid change in anyone who has lost sight of who they really are. It just so happens that a great many of them run businesses too.

Dave has worked with a huge range of people trying to maximise their potential from all walks of life including movie stars, footballers, cabinet ministers, musicians (his kryptonite - he is as vulnerable as the next person to getting a bit star-stuck too) but what unites them is caring more for others than themselves, and this usually includes their business and their staff.

Communication is critical for success and so he uses persuasion science to identify and share ways to communicate that create conflict-free requests and frictionless communication to create motivation, action and rapid reactive teams.

In an hour Dave can give you and your team an understanding of your personal values that will put fire in your belly at work and create organic resilience because your work and your ongoing challenges will be meaningful, valuable and worthy of your passion.

Lockdown has largely been a space of driving forwards a whole range of clients who have learned to move online, set up new business and approach the last year as an opportunity rather than a threat.

A major part of Dave's success is that I have created toolkits to address some very personal issues that get in the way of running a business effectively such as self-esteem, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, over thinking, guilt and even strategies and tools to deal with relationship issues. Alongside this he also creates and delivers the more practical skills that we all need such as dealing with procrastination, time management, motivation, resilience, delegation and broader communication tools such as difficult conversations and motivational psychology .

It’s always amazingly simple when you know how to be kind to you and your team, but intensely limiting when you don’t know how to solve or even be aware of key issues. If they are not where you need to be, accept that if you are not where you need to be and it is because you need support and the same goes for your team..

Currently Dave is swamped by a huge workload of distressed business owners and their staff, largely due to the announcement of the rollback of lockdown. He is delivering one to one work, whole team sessions via zoom and taking booking to support teams as they return to the office or the workspace.

If you want to explore options to move you or your business forwards contact Dave at or 07981974796.

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